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Affiliate Marketing


Compliance Hacks for Financial Affiliates to Stay Ahead of the Game

  Affiliates have become a powerful force in the world of personal finance. With their ability to reach millions of followers on social media platforms—60% […]

Affiliate Links

5 Must-Do’s for Influencers using Affiliate Links in their Content

In this article Are you new to using affiliate links for your content? Here are 5 must-do’s for influencers to maximize income earnings from affiliate […]

Monetize your Hobby

How to Monetize your Hobby Via Affiliate Marketing

In this article Not sure how you can monetize your favourite everyday hobbies? Here’s everything you need to know to get started. Hobbies are great […]

Influencer Marketing


How to boost your influencer marketing campaigns

In this article Here’s how you can empower your influencers to go the distance in driving new customers to your financial institution. Influencer marketing offers […]


Making Money on YouTube as an Influencer and Affiliate – An Interview with Apple Crider

In this postIf you are looking to make money on YouTube as an affiliate, keep reading to learn about some important tips for managing brand […]


Influencer Marketing vs. Performance Marketing

In this article You may be familiar with the idea of influencer marketing, but do you know how it differs from performance marketing? Keep reading […]


Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness vs. Conversion: How to Effectively Allocate Your Digital Marketing Budget

In this article In a webinar hosted by Illinois Bankers Association, we heard from industry experts about the importance of creating a seamless customer journey, […]

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Tricks and Tips for 2023

In this article Lead generation has changed in recent years, and as audiences move online, lead generation strategies need to be as targeted and effective […]

Influencer Marketing

How Influencer Marketing Can Win Over the Next Generation of Members

Credit unions have increasingly faced the challenge of attracting new generations of members. In CUNA’s latest webinar, financial industry experts discussed ways to boost credit […]



Fintel Connect

How to Choose the Right Affiliates for Your Fintech, Bank, or Credit Union 

Picture this scenario: You’re a forward-thinking fintech company, a bank, or a credit union, looking to increase your online presence and scale your digital growth […]

Fintel Connect

Reengage Your Inactive Credit Union Members 

Guest Author: RJ Huebert, Managing Principal, HBT Digital As a Credit Union, one of your goals must be to maintain an engaged and active member […]

Fintel Connect

Demystifying Affiliate Marketing To Target SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) play a vital role in local economies, and banks are constantly seeking ways to connect with them effectively. In the […]

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