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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Integrating Affiliate Marketing into Digital Strategies in Banking: A Holistic Approach

Marketers in the banking and financial services sector are constantly navigating an ever-evolving space. While consumer behavior seems to be continually in flux, new players […]

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Banks: How to Get Started

Affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective channels for banks and financial institutions to target and convert new customers […]


Compliance Hacks for Financial Affiliates to Stay Ahead of the Game

  Affiliates have become a powerful force in the world of personal finance. With their ability to reach millions of followers on social media platforms—60% […]

Influencer Marketing


How to boost your influencer marketing campaigns

In this article Here’s how you can empower your influencers to go the distance in driving new customers to your financial institution. Influencer marketing offers […]


Making Money on YouTube as an Influencer and Affiliate – An Interview with Apple Crider

In this postIf you are looking to make money on YouTube as an affiliate, keep reading to learn about some important tips for managing brand […]


Influencer Marketing vs. Performance Marketing

In this article You may be familiar with the idea of influencer marketing, but do you know how it differs from performance marketing? Keep reading […]



Webinar Recap: Driving Deposits at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

In today’s financial landscape, liquidity is a crucial concern for banks and financial institutions. To address the liquidity crunch and ensure sustainable growth, it is […]

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness vs. Conversion: How to Effectively Allocate Your Digital Marketing Budget

In this article In a webinar hosted by Illinois Bankers Association, we heard from industry experts about the importance of creating a seamless customer journey, […]

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Tricks and Tips for 2023

In this article Lead generation has changed in recent years, and as audiences move online, lead generation strategies need to be as targeted and effective […]



Affiliate Marketing

Financial Services Influencer Marketing: How to Get Started

If you’re looking to explore the influencer marketing channel as a way to promote your financial services brand, you may be in one of these […]

Marketing Compliance

Top PerformLine Competitors For Financial Services Marketing Compliance

If you’re in a marketing or compliance team at a fintech or bank and researching PerformLine competitors, you may be facing these challenges: You need […]

Compliance Tools

A Look at Why Compliance Tools Are Crucial for Financial Institutions Launching Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly popular channel for marketers in financial institutions. More and more, we’re seeing partnerships between financial institutions and third-party publishers […]

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