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The only complete affiliate and influencer marketing solution built for fintechs, banks and credit unions

Scale with robust and industry-specific proprietary affiliate technology. Tap into a robust, specialized database of affiliates and influencers.

Have an expert team to drive your strategy and manage the day-to-day. Our solution gives you everything you need to make partner marketing a success for your financial brand.

Make partner marketing a core driver of your growth

You may have experimented with partner marketing and find it’s too much heavy-lifting to manage. Or you have seen initial success and want a faster way to scale. Our platform and team of experts are there to give you the support, insight and access to achieve your partner marketing goals.

Turn to the experts in partner marketing for financial brands

We have a team dedicated to growing and nurturing partnerships with leading and up-and-coming affiliates and influencers in the industry. We do the heavy-lifting to carefully vet, onboard and activate partnerships to save time and effort for our brand partners.

We know what it takes to create successful partnerships, which starts with a foundation of transparency and trust. And timely payouts via our platform also doesn’t hurt!

Niv Yatsiv
Niv Yatsiv
Head of Webpals Finance

“We are a performance publisher that relies on big data to make smart marketing decisions and cater to our user’s needs. Working closely with Fintel Connect’s platform and dedicated professional team has given our business direct access to our traffic’s data, allowing us to analyze and optimize the user journey and behavior on our sites.”

Cameron Millband
Cameron Millband
Sr Performance Manager

“As a publisher is always looking for access to the biggest brands to promote on our site. With the team at Fintel, we’re able to access those partnerships as well as the support and analytics needed to scale our performance.”

Stephen Wyman
Stephen Wyman
Founder and Co-CEO

“Fintel Connect provides white glove service to publishers and brands which is combined with their best in class modern affiliate dashboard for reporting, accounting, and seamlessly tracking conversions. We have worked with plenty of affiliate networks and Fintel Connect would always be our first choice.”

Specialized Proprietary Partner Marketing Platform

We’ve built a cost-accessible, in-house affiliate management platform that is a scalable engine to your affiliate program’s success. It does all you need in an affiliate technology – with features that are purpose-built for the financial industry.
  • Robust multi-event tracking and reporting across multiple financial products

  • Built-in financial content management tools for proactive compliance
  • Flexible commissions, landing page and campaign management tools

An Affiliate Network Built for Financial Brands

Partner with the best affiliates and influencers in the financial industry. Tap into a curated database of thousands of partners – from mega-media sites to niche influencers – to grow your program on your terms.
  • Results-based database of affiliate and influencer partners
  • Easy-to-use partner management tools filtered by geo, demo, and tactic
  • Expert team to support with partner introductions and suggestions

Accessible Team of Experts That Act as an Extension of Your Team

Whether you’re new to partner marketing or looking for a team to provide strategic direction to scale, we’re here to help. Our team are experts in financial services (it’s all we do) and understand the industry’s specific needs and landscape to guide you on things like CPA, offers, partner opportunities and more.
  • Customizable services to meet your brand’s needs
  • Strategic direction and high-touch support
  • Industry insights and market competitive analysis

Get Started In
As Little As
4 Weeks


Fintel Connect will support the tracking implementation to give you the end-to-end transparency you need.


Match with the right influencers and publishers to promote your brand, according to your goals.


Publishers prepare mock-ups of content for you to approve before they go live.


Receive real-time performance reporting, campaign monitoring and management tools to optimize results
  • Get ready to launch your program and scale your results!

Plus A Built-In Marketing Monitoring and Compliance Tool

Ensure your brand and products are promoted in the right place with the right message. Automate the monitoring of your campaigns and prevent compliance-related issues.

Save up to 70% on your current acquisition costs

Whether you’re an early stage fintech or an institutional bank looking to partner with specific media, publishers, or influencers specialized in financial services, Fintel Performance is the platform to ramp up acquisition while keeping costs down.

Deliver a digital experience that attracts more customers online

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