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Discover how Neo Financial experienced exponential growth of 511% in net new customers through the affiliate channel. Download the case study now!

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Digital growth for your bank starts here.

Remove roadblocks to growth and create paths to scale marketing performance – no matter where your bank is on its digital transformation journey.

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Turn your marketing into a profit-center

Measure what’s working with your marketing
Spend where it counts – with results-based partnerships
Protect your brand along the way

Grow your customer base safely and cost-effectively with the only growth marketing engine built for banks

Boost your bank’s online visibility, adhere to marketing regulations, and attract new customers with our specialized advertising technology designed for the financial services sector.

Fintel Performance
For Banks

Are you looking to scale your deposits?

Generate new accounts and grow deposits cost-effectively by partnering with leading influencers and affiliate marketers to promote your bank’s products on a performance basis.
  • Achieve free visibility and brand reach
  • Gain valuable third-party trusted endorsements
  • Only pay for your bank’s marketing results
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Fintel Check
For Banks

As you expand your marketing, is compliance a concern?

Keep your bank marketing and customers safe with an automated campaign monitoring and management tool. Your compliance team will thank you.
  • Know exactly where your marketing campaigns are living
  • Automate the campaign monitoring process with an AI-driven rules engine
  • Easily capture a historic record of campaigns and brand mentions for auditing purposes

Fintel Results
For Banks

Do you finally want to measure full-funnel conversions through your account opening platforms?

Create a flexible way to track your marketing campaigns to improve their impact on your business. Measure what strategies are effective and allocate your marketing budget efficiently.

  • Measure end-to-end conversions through any digital account opening or loan origination platform
  • Optimize marketing performance with an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Track unlimited number of campaigns, channels or tactics

Trust us with your brand, your goals, and your budget

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