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An AI-driven marketing compliance tool designed to automate and increase efficiency and accuracy of campaign monitoring

Fintel Check is a specialized marketing compliance tool designed for financial brands. It automates content monitoring and campaign auditing, ensuring you catch any content discrepancies before regulators do. Our AI-driven, rules-based engine efficiently detects and monitors what is being said about your brand, saving your team time and manual effort in the process.

man using cellphone positioned in front of fintel check report
man using cellphone positioned in front of fintel check report

Take the heavy-lifting out of campaign monitoring

Fintel Check ensures that as you expand your marketing efforts, you can easily keep track of how your brand’s name and image are being used by your marketing and fintech partners. We provide a scalable solution to monitor and track these campaigns, including any modifications made and the locations where they are taking place. With Fintel Check, build trust and confidence with your customers while efficiently managing your growing marketing activities.

Save time and costs – without breaking the bank

It is time-consuming to manually monitor and keep track of your partners and how they are marketing your brand. Our compliance management software offers powerful features to simplify the tracking, automation, and resolution of campaign content issues. With its rules-based engine, easily automate the monitoring process, saving time and effort.

Moreover, Fintel Check enables you to maintain comprehensive records of your campaign history, ensuring easy auditing. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Fintel Check for your compliance management needs.

Armin Huska
Armin Huska
Global Head of Media & Agency Management

“The Fintel Connect team provides a unique and professional level of service for RBC’s Affiliate Marketing needs. The team is creating impactful programs that are infused by industry-specific insights, a strong understanding & passion for our business and powered by highly strategic thinking.”

Simon Wyse
Simon Wyse
VP Revenue

“Fintel Connect is a valuable partner on both sides of our growth model. Their platform and team have accelerated our user growth via their network of influencers and publishers as well as our revenue growth by connecting us with relevant financial partners.”

Niv Yatsiv
Niv Yatsiv
Head of Webpals Finance

“We are a performance publisher that relies on big data to make smart marketing decisions and cater to our user’s needs. Working closely with Fintel Connect’s platform and dedicated professional team has given our business direct access to our traffic’s data, allowing us to analyze and optimize the user journey and behavior on our sites.”

Content Compliance

Get a complete picture of your content across channels with our proprietary machine-learning algorithms. Proactive, regular scans mean finding and correcting issues ahead of the regulators.
  • Robust rules engine for flexible content rule-setting
  • Schedule automated regular scans for checks and record-keeping
  • Easy red/yellow/green system for remediation
AI Content Compliance

Link Monitoring

With Fintel Check, you can ensure that your brand is promoted exactly where and how you want it to be. Our platform automates the process of finding and reviewing your content, comprehensively scanning it to ensure it aligns with your brand guidelines and desired placements. Take control of your brand promotion with Fintel Check’s simple and efficient automation tools.

  • Receive alerts when your partners add new content
  • Get full transparency of your referring URLs
  • AI engine to scan, compare and identify content issues
Link Monitoring

Audit Database

Scale your partnership program while ensuring compliance and security with Fintel Check. Automate data collection and meet audit requirements effortlessly.

  • Automated capture of campaigns in market
  • Easy-to-use reporting of all historic rules, campaigns and Fintel Check findings
  • Ability to share findings between marketing and compliance teams
Audit Database

Get Started in
5 Easy Steps


Setup your account on the Fintel Connect platform.


Launch campaigns or enter URLs for where Fintel Check will scan.


Enter content rules in the rules engine to define what to check.


Set the frequency and requirements for your regular scans.


Sit back and let Fintel Check do the heavy lifting of tracking and monitoring your partner marketing.
  • Get ready to launch your program and scale your results!
man and woman talking in front of laptop

We take the heavy lifting out of content compliance

Save time and prevent compliance-flagged issues with our automated monitoring tool. Created for financial brands, our proprietary AI-driven technology gives you complete transparency of where your products are being promoted, identifies content that needs correcting, and automates capture of campaigns for auditing purposes.

Deliver a digital experience that attracts more customers online

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