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Are you looking for ways to boost your SMB or commercial customer acquisition? Download Our Guide to unlock valuable insights and strategies to reach SMBs.

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Credit Unions

Digital member growth for credit unions starts here

Reach and acquire a new generation of members while showcasing the value of your products with our all-in-one solution.

Allocate your marketing budget to grow your member base

Show the value of your products

Make the most of your marketing budget

Stay compliant while expanding digital

You’re in good company

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Grow your member acquisition with our complete marketing solution for credit unions

Our solution enables your institution to reach and acquire new members cost-effectively. With our leading advertising technology tailored to the financial services industry, you can scale your marketing efforts and achieve higher returns.


Are you looking to reach new members?

Affiliate marketing may be the channel your marketing’s been missing. Join other leading credit unions using Fintel Performance to grow their member acquisition.

  • Showcase your products through trusted third-party affiliate reviews and articles

  • Have a dedicated account manager who is an expert in partner marketing to provide support and guidance

  • Spend on a cost per acquisition model to guarantee bottom-line impact


Is compliance a concern when growing digitally?

Keep your brand safe, manage the risks of expanding digitally, and be always ready for audits with our AI engine that scans, compares and identifies content issues in your campaigns.
  • AI-driven tool to alert your credit union of product info discrepancies
  • Automate the campaign monitoring process with an AI-driven rules engine
  • Locate exactly where publishers are promoting your credit union


Do you want an overview of where your marketing dollars are working the best?

Keep track of your campaigns and optimize bottom-line campaign impact. Measure what’s working and allocate your marketing budget in the right places.
  • Fully anonymized tracking
  • Customizable to match your credit union’s needs
  • Campaign data captured and stored via AWS for auditing purposes

Trust us with your brand, your goals, and your budget

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