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Discover how Neo Financial experienced exponential growth of 511% in net new customers through the affiliate channel. Download the case study now!

Who We Help


Productivity and new customer reach with one single tool—in one place.

Give your clients the best solutions to reach and acquire new customers, and stay compliant.

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We’re the strategic partner you need

Access best-in-class expertise in the partner marketing channel
Get solutions to keep your clients compliant
Work with tools to provide transparency over your customer’s marketing results

Expand your marketing solutions and benefit your customers

Our cost-effective and automated solution helps increase your teams’ efficiency and accuracy and keeps your clients’ marketing compliant while reaching new customers.

Fintel Performance
For Agencies

Do you need to help your customers reach new heights?

Scale and accelerate your clients’ growth with a measurable, low-lift, and high-impact channel for new customer acquisition. Our solution helps you expand your clients’ reach and elevate their brand to the front of their market.
  • Online trusted endorsements for each one of your clients
  • Only pay for your client’s results
  • Get guidance from a dedicated account manager
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Fintel Check
For Agencies

Do you worry about your partners’ content compliance?

Scan, compare and identify content issues in your partners’ campaigns with our AI engine. Keep their brand safe and always ready for audits.
  • Keep your clients’ product info up-to-date
  • AI-driven tool to alert you of any discrepancies on your clients’ product info
  • Know exactly where publishers are promoting your clients’ products

Fintel Results
For Agencies

Are you ready to measure full-funnel conversions for your customers?

Keep track of your clients’ campaigns and optimize their bottom-line campaign impact. Help them measure what’s working to allocate their marketing budget in the right places.

  • Track unlimited number of campaigns, channels or tactics
  • Customizable to match your agency needs
  • Campaign data captured and stored via AWS for your clients’ audit requirements

Trust us with your brand, your goals, and your budget

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