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Get into BaaS with eyes wide open – the what, why, and flip side of Banking-as-a-Service.

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a strategy many financial institutions (FIs) are considering achieving scalable growth and customer deposits. This whitepaper explores some of the opportunities and challenges FIs face in maintaining transparency and accountability as it relates to the BaaS model and marketing compliance.

Get introduced to the opportunities and challenges of Banking-as-a-Service and key considerations for compliance teams when launching a BaaS program.

Viable opportunity? Compliance challenge? A risk worth taking? We explore the pros and cons of BaaS and how FIs are preparing themselves.

Risk Management
Explore the importance of marketing compliance and critical financial advertising regulations to follow. Learn about marketing compliance considerations and solutions that are effective, automated, and cost-accessible for compliance teams to implement and scale their BaaS programs.

Get into BaaS with eyes wide open – the what, why, and flip side of Banking-as-a-Service


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