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Master the Growth Mindset: 4 Tactics to Drive Performance

growth mindset
March 17, 2022


What’s in this article

Four key tactics to achieving a growth mindset at your company:

  1. Focusing on bottom-funnel attribution
  2. Leads: quality vs. quantity
  3. Referrals to scale your growth exponentially
  4. Choosing purposeful technologies
Nicky Senyard

Nicky Senyard

CEO & Founder

When it comes to identifying best practices, marketing can often be unpredictable. With the pace of rapidly emerging trends, frequently shifting priorities, and the demands of an ever-evolving user landscape, brands are consistently being challenged to keep up, leading to experimentation with various tactics just to see what sticks and generates sales.

For brands looking to truly elevate their marketing performance, adopting a growth mindset is essential. A growth-focused mindset enables teams to strategize at the highest logical level first, before implementing any tactical operations. This is why we’ve seen such an increase in growth-specific marketing roles at leading companies. More than ever, the link between marketing and company growth is clear, and organizations all over the world are investing in experts who can lead the charge.

Here are four ways you can implement leading growth marketing strategies into your business.

1. Implement bottom-funnel attribution early

So, you’ve just launched a product with a waitlist and are collecting future customers into your pipeline. They’re rearing and ready to go: they’ve joined your email list, are following your updates on social media, and are sharing with friends and family to join as well. Or are they?

Too often, early-stage companies leave potential customers to sit and stew, missing the critical period between sign-up and conversion. This is the stage where founders may be looking at views, impressions, and clicks as a reflection of their marketing performance, when they should be assessing the quality of leads and converting them as quickly as possible.

To achieve this result, focus on the lower-funnel metrics and attribute them as an indicator of marketing performance. Bottom-of-the-funnel metrics could include incomplete account sign-ups, new users, webinar registrations, frequency of logins, or looking at users who create accounts but don’t purchase products (or whatever your desired next step is).

To help drive the growth of these types of high-intent users in a budget-friendly way, your brand may consider using a channel like affiliate marketing. Affiliates and influencers often have earned trust and credibility with your target customers, and understand their needs and the problems they wish to solve. Affiliate marketing can be applied to virtually any channel used by publishers and influencers, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and websites, and using tracking codes make bottom-funnel attribution simple.


Affiliate marketing for bottom-funnel lead gen

Affiliate partners can drive high-intent customers to your website, delivering as much as 40% of your net new customers

2. Focus on quality as well as quantity

If you’ve raised a pre-seed, seed, or Series A round, you may feel pressured to emphasize the exact number of users you’ve acquired in your investor reports, as this specific metric is often associated with growth. As you shift to a growth mindset, consider also showcasing the quality of your user-base, rather than focusing solely on the quantity.

For example, if your model has both a freemium and paid structure, take a look at how your paid user activation rates compare to free users. Is the activation of free users outpacing paid users? If not, ask yourself why, then put yourself in the shoes of your customer. You may find it could be things like a fragmented user experience on your app, users’ perception of your product value, etc. No matter what the cause, a quality base of paying users is an important signal for growth: customers that consistently drive recurring revenue are more likely to satisfy investors.

In tandem, start to think about your user retention. It’s well known that the cost to acquire a new customer is higher than to retain or upsell an existing one. A growth mindset will combine a healthy new-user acquisition strategy with purposeful retention and upsell initiatives, ultimately nurturing your existing user base into brand evangelists. To achieve this, try implementing real-time customer feedback mechanisms: they’ll enable your product innovation and create stickiness with your users, both free and paid.


Partnering with affiliates and influencers can ultimately help you scale customer referrals at exponential levels. The right partnerships can enable you to hone your message, expand your reach, and improve scale in a cost-effective, sustainable way.


3. Capitalize on referral at scale

“Refer your friends and family!” You remember hearing that from your local store, don’t you? What if you could do that on a massive scale and grow your business at an unprecedented rate? The good news is, you can.

Affiliate marketing can provide the same type of brand evangelism that a local store owner would get from their neighborhood customers. For affiliates, influencers, and publishers, their “friends and family” are their followers, at a much larger, more trackable, and highly sustainable scale. It can put your company at the forefront of your industry through credible partners and adds ‘unseen’ bonuses such as customer research, brand growth and helping solidify your company’s position in the market.

Partnering with affiliates and influencers can ultimately help you scale customer referrals at exponential levels. Facilitating 1:1 word-of-mouth referrals is powerful in driving the right type of growth activity. With the right partnerships in place, you can hone your message, expand your reach, and improve scale in a cost-effective, sustainable way.

To ensure your partnerships give you a competitive edge, arm your partner with a unique offer that’s tailored to their audiences. For example, a product, service, or discount that is only accessible via that relationship. Additionally, look for partners with high influence, such as large social media followings. Be sure to analyze their following against engagement; compare email lists relative to monthly page views, monthly unique visitors, and open and click-through rates.

Once your partner’s content is published, consider using paid ads to retarget users that interact with the partner’s content. This initial interaction can signal a level of intent with your product or offer, and it may be worthwhile to allocate budget towards re-engaging them as they’re more likely to convert.

Finally, sharing these insights and performance with your partners can create cyclical insights that are mutually beneficial. With a growth mindset, you can use tactics like these to take advantage of the referral opportunities presented to grow your business and to grow your partner relationships.

4. Choose purposeful technologies that match your business needs

Mastering the growth mindset means not only uncovering your opportunities, but also anticipating and clearing out your roadblocks. When you have visibility into the friction points that are impeding your growth, you can tackle them head on – especially if those friction points can be solved by technology.

Knowing where your challenges lie allows you to choose and implement purposeful technologies that not only suit your business needs, they’ll quite simply make your life easier. For selecting technology partners or solutions that meet your needs in the long term, here are some key must-haves to consider that will help you maximize your growth:

  • Workflow tools to facilitate a smooth customer journey
  • Flexible solutions that can adapt to evolving regulatory requirements (CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and other regulations)
  • Analytics capabilities that fit your criteria for monitoring customer experience
  • Seamless API integrations with other best-of-breed tools


Mastering a growth mindset can take you from a start-up to a stand-out, and you don’t have to be an expert marketer to do it. When you’re focused on the right metrics, like attribution and quality of users, combined with referrals at scale and impactful technology usage, you can grow your business from the inside out.

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