How to Handle your First Brand Sponsorship Call

How to Handle your First Brand Sponsorship Call
August 9, 2021


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Speaking directly to brands about sponsorships and partnerships can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. Here are my tips for preparing yourself so that you feel confident and can get what you need out of a conversation bout a potential brand deal.

Maryyum Zubair

Maryyum Zubair

Digital Marketing Coordinator

So you’ve landed your first lead on a potential affiliate or sponsorship opportunity and the brand wants to speak to you soon over the phone. Now what? If it’s your first time, you’re probably wondering what to expect. What should you say (or not say)? How do you explain your brand to the company and make a good first impression?

As an affiliate manager for financial services and fintech brands, I manage the relationships and success between brands and influencers, publishers, and content creators. Here’s what I’ve learned to do before, during, and after a brand sponsorship call to help you feel confident, prepared, and ready to secure a deal.

1. Research

One of the best ways to quell your fears and anxiety about the unknowns of your call is by doing your research. Get familiar with the brand’s mission, values and review its products to see what areas in which your brand aligns with their offerings. Write down your findings into condensed notes to have on hand for your call, and noting any early questions that come to mind.

2. Prepare an agenda

The second step to ensure you get what you need from the call is to prepare an agenda beforehand. I personally find a chronological agenda works best for me so I know what to start and end, but your agenda can include talking points and notes in whatever fashion suits your conversation style and enables you to converse fluidly with the person on the other end of the line.

When it’s clear to the brand that you have an agenda of your own, it shows that you’re prepared and builds their confidence that working with you will be easier and more transparent for you going forward.

3. Do a self-check

Feeling nervous? It’s normal. Speaking with a brand be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time! The key to being confident is in knowing your brand’s value and what it stands for, and who your audience is because these elements are exactly what a brand wants to tap into when partnering with you.

To build your confidence, it’s important to know what you have to offer in a potential partnership. One of our publishers, YouTuber LaurenBudgets recommends having audience demographic information on hand as this is one of the most critical pieces of information brands are looking to know about your audience.

Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to talk about your successes, but my advice is don’t be afraid to talk about yourself! ReniTheResource agrees and emphasizes the importance of knowing your niche and having a good third-party perspective on your channel, while can help you anticipate questions about her channel and viewership.

Build rapport to learn more

“Building rapport helps me relax,” says @LaurenBudgets, emphasizing that starting with light, casual conversation will help relieve your own apprehension about the call.  If you’re not well-practiced in small talk, write down some notes and practice with a friend or family member to find an approach that’s natural for you, whether it’s simple small talk, ice breakers, or jokes.

When you’ve begun to establish a rapport, begin to ask your discovery questions. Remember: its’ not a sales call, and the purpose is to get to know each other and see if there’s a good fit.

Wrap up

As the call begins to wrap up, be one step ahead by asking about your next steps. If it is a viable opportunity, schedule a follow-up call or meeting if necessary and most importantly, a follow-up e-mail. The contents of this e-mail should contain a thank-you, your interests, core ideas, and action items.

I hope this helps you on your sales call and makes you feel more confident. If you’re looking for more advice or interested in how having an affiliate manager can help you get in with more easily brands, learn more about what we can help!




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