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Blog Alternatives For Brands: We Compare 6!

  • Last Updated: June 4, 2024

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If you’re looking for alternatives, you may want a partner management platform that offers specific capabilities more suited to your business needs. For example, you may prefer:

  • A tool with industry-specific features and capabilities
  • A platform that isn’t cost prohibitive but can grow with you as your program grows
  • A marketplace of partners specialized in certain industries, like fintech and banking
  • A full-service solution with built-in agency support 

You may also have additional specifications if you’re in a specialized sector with aspects like strict compliance regulations to manage.

In this article, we’ve put together a comparison of partner marketing platforms to consider for your business needs, including and various alternatives:

Are you a financial services brand looking for an alternative? Discover Fintel Connect’s  specialized services for financial brands.

An overview of is a well-known partner management platform. It has advanced technology and sophisticated tracking, a large marketplace of partners, and serves businesses globally.  

Some of Impact’s prominent features include:

  • Robust tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Multiple currency support
  • Wide breadth of partner marketplace 
  • Partnership automation software
  • Self-serve model

It’s important to note that is a generalist solution, which means it serves a variety of product types and businesses. But as a broad platform and marketplace, Impact may pose challenges for sectors that need a more tailored approach. 

For example, as a large network, doesn’t vet their partners, which may lead to potential fraudulent affiliates, out-of-date contact information, and low-quality partners who don’t understand your industry and bring in low-quality leads. This means it can be difficult to know who to partner with if you don’t already have direct relationships in place. And finding the right sector-specific partners for your brand can take considerable time and investigation.

Since does not offer a full agency experience, industry expertise, or area-appropriate metrics, you may require significant resources to scale an existing partner program with them. 

Requesting guidance or technical assistance on Impact can also take time and patience because their customer support operates via a ticketing system. Without agency support or in-depth knowledge of all industries, may not be able to satisfy requests for more strategic guidance. 

As a more self-serve solution, can be good for businesses that either are already at scale or have relationships in place.

Companies in specialized sectors may benefit from a more boutique solution that focuses on high-quality publishers for their industry, or from a consulting or agency partnership with relevant experience. Let’s take a look at some alternatives to based on specific business needs.

Full-service alternative for financial services: Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is a platform, network and agency all in one, specializing in affiliate marketing for banks and financial services companies. We built an industry-specific solution because we recognize the unique challenges that financial brands face when growing and scaling an affiliate program, deserving a specialized solution to address these needs. 

Fintel includes Fintel Performance, a robust partnership marketing platform with specialized tracking, reporting, integrations, and campaign management features designed specifically for financial service companies, and Fintel Check, a marketing compliance tool to help financial institutions automate their compliance monitoring.

Our features include:

  • Specialized tracking, reporting, and integrations for financial services companies
  • Carefully vetted and curated affiliate network
  • Automated compliance tools to make monitoring content easier 
  • Pricing designed to grow with you
  • Industry-expert team and full-service program management services 

For banks, fintechs and credit unions looking for an alternative to, Fintel offers a more specialized approach with financial industry knowledge at the core of our network and services.

Carefully vetted affiliate network with finance-ready publishers

Finding suitable affiliates for your financial brand is a time and resource-intensive process, requiring significant research and relationship building. You may not know if a network’s affiliates are legitimate or the best fit for your brand, or even how to find the right contact to connect with a desired partner. 

Fintel takes the heavy lifting out of finding and vetting partners for financial services companies. Our extensive mix of publishers in our network are high-quality sites appropriate for financial brands––for example, sites like NerdWallet Canada or Bankrate. We have partners that span from large publishers and media sites to niche social media financial influencer marketers, newsletters and podcasts, to even other strategic fintech partners. alternatives - Fintel Connect publisher network

With Fintel Connect, your team can get the most out of their affiliate efforts, not waste hours wading through low-quality affiliate requests, struggling to find the right partners for your brand, or vetting affiliates on other networks. We’ll introduce you to high-quality affiliates that understand the financial services industry and the importance of maintaining compliant campaigns and content. 

Partnership is at the core of what we do – which means our client services approach is unique from most others. For example, we have our own publisher relationship management team dedicated to supporting the publishers in our network with finding and establishing meaningful financial services partnerships. This team advocates for brands on Fintel, which means you’ll have a built-in team that recruits new partners on your behalf

Robust tracking and reporting with built-in monitoring and compliance

Platforms that cater to many industries may lack analytics metrics specific to financial services. This means it may be harder to measure the true value of your partnerships and performance, or manage budgets for specific products or business lines. Plus, not having a proper system to ensure your publishers’ campaigns stay up to date can lead to compliance issues down the line. 

At Fintel, we understand the importance of real-time, accurate reporting. This is why we ensure our tracking is integrated directly into your source of truth – whether that be a core system, account opening platform, database, or CRM. Our tracking is also anonymized, which means we can track unique journeys and conversions without ever needing to know who your customers are. Our tracking and reporting is customizable by product type, which makes it easier to report and manage budgets by department for larger clients with various offerings. alternatives - Fintel Connect performance report

When it comes to campaign management, we make it easy to test, customize and maintain campaigns. You can provide partners with automatic notifications when product information (like interest rates or promo offers) gets updated, set custom co-branded pages, and easily A/B test landing pages. You can also set flexible and custom commission models by partner or campaign for various levels of the funnel, from a viable lead to an approved account or funded loan.

For compliance, our Fintel Check tool provides automated comprehensive oversight over  partner campaigns. You can use our product feed to proactively manage content on publisher sites and campaigns. Our AI-driven engine checks content on partner pages to ensure adherence to compliance requirements. Rather than manually save each page, then manually upload those files onto your internal compliance folder for each customer, Fintel Check can:

  • Monitor specific URLs
  • Provide an automatic overview on which campaigns pass or fail your compliance rules
  • Keep screenshots of campaign history in one place automatically alternatives - Fintel Connect

All this takes time and stress off your team’s plate and helps everyone from small teams to enterprise companies work as efficiently as they can. The result is easier management, clearer records, and less manual work. 

Full-service agency support specific to financial services growth

If you’re looking at alternatives for your financial brand, you probably realize that you may need greater capacity and expertise to grow your affiliate program performance. You could hire an additional agency to manage your channel, but this can add cost and complexity to your marketing efforts. 

Fintel offers more than just a specialized affiliate software platform. We can also provide a full-service agency to support financial brands at every stage of their affiliate journey—from setting up or migrating existing programs, strategic planning and launch, to optimization and providing day-to-day program oversight and support. Because we exclusively serve the financial services space, we have an in-depth understanding of the landscape, publisher needs and expectations,  and the unique benchmarks, hurdles and paths to success for financial companies. 

With Fintel Connect, you’ll have an affiliate management engine that generates high-quality partnerships with the types of publications you want to appear in. Our powerful partnership management software, combined with dedicated agency support, maximizes your chance at increasing your brand awareness and customer acquisition

If you are a financial services company looking to either migrate an existing program or kickstart and then scale your affiliate marketing performance, contact Fintel Connect today

If you aren’t a financial services company, here are other top competitors to that might suit your needs.

Plug-and-play alternative


Everflow is a partner management platform that can help brands and advertisers know how to better run and optimize campaigns through robust tracking and reporting. It includes tracking the performance of affiliate, referral, influencer, and strategic partnership marketing and direct ad campaigns. 


  • Integrates with CRMs to pull data into a central dashboard
  • QR code and coupon tracking
  • Ecommerce-specific options, like shopping cart integrations for major platforms such as Shopify 
  • A modular approach with a variety of services to add on at additional cost

Who are they good for? Everflow is a good plug-and-play affiliate marketing software if you already have your channel set up but need better tracking and analytics to see how effective your campaigns are. You’ll probably need to have an analytics team in place to take full advantage of Everflow’s performance reporting. They offer dedicated account support but not a full agency service. E-commerce companies that want detailed analytics may appreciate Everflow’s features.

Enterprise alternative


Impartner is a partner relationship management tool with a breadth of offerings to help a variety of businesses manage and scale their affiliate partnerships, optimize performance, and grow. While they don’t focus on a particular sector, they have the types of add-ons and scale that may benefit well-established programs looking to go further and bring more marketing functions under one umbrella, not just affiliate marketing.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates with SalesForce, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automated syndication options
  • Experience with the cybersecurity, high tech and telecom industries

Who are they good for? With a focus on scale and integrations, Impartner may be well-suited to enterprise-level companies. Impartner can be a good option to explore if integrating with your existing enterprise software is critical to your affiliate success and if you have the internal experts to facilitate integration, setup, reporting and maintenance. Its suite of offerings, including affiliates, marketing and communications, can support companies looking to have multiple marketing arms in one place, including paid media. 

Retail and fashion alternative


Awin is a self-service affiliate marketing network with over one million publishers between Awin and its sister company, ShareASale. They do not share an affiliate network, so maximizing your affiliate results would likely mean having to sign up to both. Awin’s platform has ecommerce and brick-and-mortar experience for retail brands.


  • Retail and fashion-specific expertise, including brick-and-mortar brands
  • Payment options without long-term contracts
  • Operates worldwide in 17 markets
  • Global and local support teams

Who are they good for? Awin can be a good fit for smaller brands in the retail, ecommerce or travel space just starting up an affiliate marketing program. It offers good resources for partners to learn and build their programs, but brands may spend more time vetting leads from Awin and ShareASale than from other platforms. 

Multi-industry alternatives


Rakuten Advertising has an affiliate marketing network and platform that fosters direct connections between brands and their global publisher network. If reach is what you need, Rakuten Advertising can provide opportunities in a wide variety of industries, countries and channels. 


  • Own rewards platform
  • Smart TV and audio placements
  • Global reach across multiple sectors
  • Provides agency services that include affiliate, influencer, paid search and social

Who are they good for? Rakuten Advertising may be a good option if you want flexibility from your affiliate platform and network. They offer a variety of tools, including affiliate tracking and reporting, which are aimed at improving efficiency even when managing global marketing campaigns. Though they have their own rewards platform, it may not be the best fit for specialized sectors.

CJ (formerly Commission Junction)

CJ is an affiliate network and agency with self-service, consulting, and full-service options. They focus on providing tools to help brands gain visibility on every part of the customer journey and offer an array of publishers and opportunities, including coupons and browser extensions. 


  • Localized platform with support for 150 currencies
  • White-glove strategy, recruitment and execution add-on for larger advertisers
  • API tool so developers can pull tracking and reporting information
  • Large, longstanding network of affiliates across a range of categories 

Who are they good for? CJ has the network reach and reporting capabilities that companies may gravitate towards. It’s a place many brands go to as the default when kick-starting their affiliate efforts given the breadth of partners they have, but it may not be the best place for you to take your affiliate program long-term.  

When deciding on or its alternatives, fit matters most

Not every affiliate platform is equal. Researching what is the right match for your needs, budget, integrations, and sector can make a difference in how your affiliate program runs and the success you find from it. 

When it comes to fintechs and banks, Fintel Connect offers full service support and fully vetted affiliates because we know financial services providers need tailored solutions. If you are looking for a curated network, robust partner management software with automated compliance monitoring, and personal support for a financial services affiliate program of any size, reach out to us today to learn more.  




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