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Top 12 Financial Services Marketing Agencies

Julia Wild

Julia Wild

Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Last Updated: June 4, 2024

If you’re looking for a financial services marketing agency, you probably want to outsource testing or scaling a new channel. Or you may need help growing your customer base because your in-house team doesn’t have the capabilities or bandwidth to achieve those business goals. More specifically, you may be interested in:

  • An agency with financial services expertise to start and manage a specific marketing channel for you.
  • An agency that has expertise in a particular tactic, like affiliates, paid search, or PR.
  • An agency that can track and report data specific to financial services, to know how effective your strategies are and enable a more transparent ROI.
  • An agency with a proven track record of helping financial services companies build brand awareness and credibility and acquire new customers for more cost-effective growth. 

As an affiliate marketing agency specializing in financial services, we are proud to collaborate with a wide range of marketing agencies that specialize in financial services and complement what we do. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to choose the right marketing agency and share examples of expert agencies that work with financial services brands, breaking them down by marketing channel.

We’ll cover:

If you are interested in starting or scaling an affiliate program with a partner that specializes in financial services, contact us today to see how we can help. 

What to have in place before partnering with a financial services marketing agency

Have the following in place to make the most of working with a financial services agency:

  • You’ve reached product-market fit. Make sure your products have viable audiences, and you know who your ideal target audiences are. Agencies are typically great for scaling, not always testing. So if you don’t have product market fit, you may be better off with a freelancer who can help you test various channels.
  • Your user experience on your website and app is optimized. Ensure anyone landing on your sales pages has an easy time signing up. You don’t want to spend your budget on leads that drop off in your sales funnel and can’t complete a sign up or purchase. 
  • You’re ready to scale. Once you start a new channel, ensure your site, services and apps can handle increased visitor volumes to avoid drop-offs because of slow response times or even downtime.
  • Have an idea of what channels work best for your business. Have a good sense of where your competitors are and how they’re marketing their products, and what success will look like (what is your target ROI). 
  • Your budget can cover your marketing expenses. Pricing models will vary by the agency and the services included, from set-up fees to more premium consultation packages. You may need additional tools, which the agency may or may not provide at an extra cost. Performance-based channels, like affiliate and programmatic marketing, will also take time before you start seeing results. This means you need to plan accordingly to make your budget last until you start getting a return on investment.   

Having these elements in place will ensure that once your agency partners start driving more people to your product, those people have a clear path to becoming a customer.

What to look for in a marketing agency for financial services

Here are five key considerations. 

  1. They have credibility and can demonstrate past expertise. Check if they’re familiar with financial services and have already worked with this industry and with your business model to ensure they can help you craft campaigns fit for your particular needs. It can sometimes help to speak to some financial marketers who are already working with an agency to get a sense of how they’ve performed and what value they’ve driven.
  2. They understand the intricacies of banking and fintech. Look for an agency that knows how to stay compliant and can rapidly respond to shifts in consumer behaviour or emerging trends, helping you create more effective marketing strategies. Ask how they stay up to date on the market and how they can help you ensure compliance.  
  3. They are data-driven and show tangible results. Understand how a potential agency measures performance. The return on investment on your marketing spend is going to be key, so you need to easily know what’s working and what isn’t. With the right data, you can better manage your budget to get the results you want. Look for case studies, metrics designed for financial services, and robust analytics and reporting tools that can prove ROI. For example, can the agency measure the number of account sign-ups or approved loans?
  4. They are strongest in the channels you need. Find an agency that focuses on the channel(s) you want to launch or scale. Some agencies will have a specific area of marketing they excel at, while others are more full-service and will do a bit of everything. With channel expertise, you can get customized approaches and audience insights you may not get with a multi-channel agency. For example, one agency could have expertise in growth and help financial institutions optimize customer acquisition and lifetime value.
  5. They match your values and will be a partner. Look for an agency that embodies your ethos, believes in your brand and product, and really cares about helping you get results. A great way to test this is to see whether their proposal clearly reflects your brief and emphasizes what’s important to your organization. This may be possible with more boutique-styled agencies, where you won’t be just another number and can receive more tailored support.

Now that you’re ready to consider marketing partners, here’s a list of candidates who can meet your needs. We’ve pulled together twelve agencies across seven different marketing functions to get you started on your search. 

Affiliate marketing agency for financial services: Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect Financial Services Marketing Agency

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing agency that specializes in financial services, Fintel Connect is an all-in-one affiliate management agency, network, platform and compliance tool, specific to banks and financial companies. We serve a wide range of fintechs, banks and credit unions across Canada and the USA that offer the following products to both businesses and consumers:

  • Banking
  • Credit cards 
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Loans and financing 
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Payments and finance tools

Because we specialize in affiliate marketing for financial services, we understand the complexities of financial marketing and use our expertise to help every client see results from the affiliate channel. Here’s how we’re a good fit for financial institutions and financial services companies: 

We offer a platform specialized for financial services that has comprehensive tracking, reporting, commission and compliance capabilities 

We created Fintel Connect to better serve the financial services industry, with affiliate marketing solutions and technology designed for its unique needs. 

For example, proving ROI from marketing channels is important, but affiliate marketing platforms that serve a wide range of industries rarely have the right tools for financial services to analyze data easily. 

Fintel Connect has reporting designed for financial services companies. You can track and report by product type, and pay out commissions in a more granular way (i.e., by approved accounts or funded loans). 

Performance report with financial services specific reporting

Our platform can also integrate data and reporting into the CRM or dashboard that your team uses most often, meaning you can more easily surface insights and monitor progress in real time. 

Fintel also understands that financial services face affiliate marketing compliance issues, which includes making sure affiliate pages are serving the correct information to potential customers. Our tool, Fintel Check, helps you track affiliate mentions so you can easily catch potential problems on publisher sites before regulators do. 

Fintel Check dashboard for monitoring campaign compliance via a financial services marketing agency

Read more about how we can help you with affiliate marketing compliance through our tool Fintel Check.

Our specialized and comprehensive platform helps you get better data so you can have more transparency on your customer growth and ROI and improve your marketing plans with more accuracy. 

We offer a highly curated affiliate network who knows how to work with financial services companies

If your affiliate platform doesn’t specialize in financial services, you may have to sift through thousands of unvetted options to find appropriate publishers on your own. 

With Fintel Connect, you’ll have a vetted affiliate network with over 5,000 publishers and influencers who know how to work with financial services. We curate a high-quality pool of publishers so you can reach your target audiences and promote your products through real people who understand your product and the importance of compliant content. 

You’ll have finance-specific language and options to filter and find the publishers with the right audience for your products, such as income range and credit score. 

Publisher invitations feature in Fintel Connect, a financial services marketing agency

You can search for specific publishers on your own or we can make the introductions for you. Since we form deep relationships with our publishers, we understand what their audiences are looking for so we can guide you to the right publishers and improve your financial brand’s strategy and messaging. 

With Fintel Connect, you can easily form the right relationships to promote the right product to the right audience at the right time, while saving your marketing team hours of effort of finding and vetting publishers who understand your product. 

We offer leadership and expertise in financial services with a dedicated team

Once you find publishers who are a good fit, you may have to navigate your relationships alone since generalist affiliate networks like Impact or Rakuten won’t be able to help you craft finance-specific strategies. 

However, launching and scaling your affiliate marketing program can easily become complicated on your own. Unless you have in-house affiliate marketers ready to operate at scale, you may still need an external agency to manage publisher relationships. 

With Fintel Connect, you have comprehensive affiliate marketing support to meet your goals with less work for your in-house teams. 

We dedicate a team of experts to every client. You’ll receive individual attention from an account manager and affiliate team who are experts in the financial industry and only serve financial clients. That means we can advocate for you with publishers, help you fine-tune strategy and offer targeted input on messaging and marketing campaigns.

We can also support all parts of your affiliate marketing channel, from building strategy and managing campaigns to analyzing data, growing your publisher relationships and maintaining content compliance. We work with you to build an affiliate program that meets your specific needs. 

With Fintel Connect, you can improve your affiliate program with less time and effort on your part, because you have guidance from people who pay as much attention to the financial services industry as you do. 

We deliver customer acquisition results

Scaling up customer acquisition is one challenge affiliate programs can help you with. For Fintel Connect, that means not only building the right platform with the right metrics, but guiding the strategy that we have seen lead to growth for our customers. 

We can help you save marketing spend by testing your approach and improving as you build on every new publisher relationship. We can then help you find the right timing and messaging to approach sites like NerdWallet and Bankrate, while pointing you to publishers who may be a great fit that you haven’t connected with yet. 

Our proven approach delivers results. Clients like Live Oak Bank and Neo Financial have realized impressive returns through building an affiliate program with Fintel Connect. 

With our guidance, your program will scale more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

Who Fintel Connect works well for

We work best with financial brands that have the appetite for growth and a product ready to scale with the affiliate channel. These can be brands that have experimented already with affiliates and seen early success, those who aren’t seeing desired results with their current solutions, or those who are new to the game and looking for a company to help get them started.

Want to learn more about what Fintel Connect can help your marketing team achieve? Contact us or book a demo

Content marketing agencies for financial services: BankBound, New Media Advisors and Mint Studios


BankBound Financial Services Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a content marketing agency, BankBound is a digital marketing agency specifically for community banks. They have experience serving financial companies across acquisition, engagement and awareness. 

BankBound’s specialties are search engine optimization (SEO) and content, so they are a great partner for ramping up your content marketing across your blog, email marketing, social media channels and more. They offer a three-month pilot program for new customers to test digital channels, so they can also help you figure out the next steps for building a digital marketing machine.

BankBound works well for: Community banks and credit unions, local financial institutions, and other financial products. 

New Media Advisors

New Media Advisors financial services marketing agency

More than a content marketing agency, the team at New Media Advisors are digital marketing consultants and SEO specialists. They cut their teeth on marketing for financial services, so are experts in this industry. 

Their strategic advisor approach aims to make your marketing team sustainable in the long term while supporting your in-house efforts in the short term. Services include fractional marketing leadership, SEO audit, content strategy and creation, and local search optimization.

New Media Advisors works well for: All types of financial brands that want to future-proof their marketing efforts for sustainable growth. 

Mint Studios

Mint Studios Financial Services Marketing Agency

A content marketing agency designed for financial services and fintechs is Mint Studios. They specialize in long-form content with an outcome-driven approach, where the focus is helping financial services companies position themselves as thought leaders and acquire customers. 

They differentiate themselves in three key ways: they specialize in financial services, they’re focused on lead generation, and they take care of the whole content marketing process, including strategy, interviewing, writing and publishing. Their services include content strategy, interview-based content, SEO and tracking and reporting.

Mint Studios works well for: Financial services brands and fintechs in North America, the UK and Europe, looking to acquire customers and position themselves as experts with content marketing.

Design marketing agencies for financial services: MCD Partners and Catalyst UX

MCD Partners

MCD Partners - a Financial Services Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a design marketing agency, MCD Partners is a digital marketing and experience design agency that has worked with many financial institutions. They are a subsidiary of of M&C Saatchi Worldwide.

MCD Partners specializes in creating seamless experiences for consumers on websites and other digital channels. 

MCD Partners works well for: Financial services focused on improving web design, UX/UI, web branding and strategy.

Catalyst UX

Catalyst - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

Another design marketing agency with a financial-services focus to consider is Catalyst UX, a UX design and development agency, which is a subsidiary of Unosquare.

Catalyst UX specializes in UX, product design and development, digital transformation, UX research and analysis. Financial services is one of their three areas of expertise. 

Catalyst UX works well for: Enterprise financial services, consumer financial solutions, and financial services (i.e., banking, lending, private equity, etc.) looking to do a deep dive on UX improvements.

Full service media agencies for financial institutions: Hero Digital and HiFi Agency

Hero Digital

Hero Digital - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a full service media agency for financial services, Hero Digital is a digital agency with a dedicated team for financial clients.

Hero Digital offers a wide variety of services, including intelligence-driven campaigns and performance optimization, product development, and paid media.

Hero Digital works well for: Traditional financial institutions.

HiFi Agency

HiFi Agency -A Financial Services Marketing Agency

Another full-service agency to consider is HiFi Agency, which focuses solely on financial institutions. 

They offer a wide range of marketing support and expertise, from media planning, management, pay-per-click and search content marketing, to scripted content, marketing automation and animations. They also offer other services, including brand development and content strategy.

HiFi Agency works well for: Anyone in the financial sector looking for a full-service media partner.

Programmatic marketing agency for banks and fintechs: Crescendo


Crescendo - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a financial services-specific programmatic agency, Crescendo is a data-driven agency focused on generating leads through ad spend. 

Crescendo specializes in tailoring digital marketing strategies based on data, including lead generation, paid ads, SEO, web development and funnel optimization. They offer free marketing audits to analyze and give recommendations to customers, so you can maximize your spend. 

Crescendo works well for: Fintechs, banks and credit unions. 

Public Relations (PR) agencies for financial services: Vested and Caliber


Vested - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

One PR agency to consider for financial services companies is Vested, a PR communication and marketing consulting agency with offices in the US, UK and Canada. 

Vested specializes in PR and communication, including executive communication, branding and crisis communication. They also offer web and social media marketing services and are rapidly expanding their suite of services.

Vested works well for: Financial institutions including private equity, fintech, banks, insurance, and more.


Caliber - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

A PR agency with 20+ years’ experience in financial services marketing is Caliber. Their services include PR campaign execution, brand messaging development, repositioning, and reputation management. 

Caliber’s help can be especially useful when you need to reposition your financial brand during a challenging business transformation, like leadership or business-valuation changes. 

Caliber works well for: A wide range of US financial brands with a national and international customer base. 

Performance marketing agency for financial institutions: Onboard Partners

Onboard Partners

Onboard Partners - A Financial Services Marketing Agency

The growth experts at Onboard Partners focus on building up your customer base and lifetime value. This full-service performance marketing agency can help you develop strategic partnerships, manage your portfolio and even access funding to help reduce marketing costs until you achieve ROI.

Onboard Partners works well for: Financial firms such as banks, credit card providers, fintechs and payment providers.

It pays to work with a marketing agency that specializes in financial services

In our 20 years of marketing experience, we’ve seen that marketing companies specialized in the financial services space can do the heavy lifting for you and reduce the work for your in-house teams while meeting your goals. Even if you get results from generalist marketing partners, financial services marketing agencies with knowledge and expertise can return more on your marketing spend by having the right network in place, a strong understanding of which metrics to report on, and being up to date on new regulations.

We hope our tips help you find the marketing partners that are a good fit for your company and current marketing needs. If you are in the market for an affiliate marketing partner, reach out to us today to see what a specialized agency can do for you.




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