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Key Takeaways from FinCon 2023

Caoimhe Ryan

Caoimhe Ryan

Affiliate Relationship Manager
  • Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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This year our team flew to New Orleans for one of our favorite conferences, FinCon 2023 – ready for another year of catching up with new and old faces from the industry.

They went in guns blazing, excited to connect in person with some of Fintel’s favorite publishers in the sunny state of Louisiana.

The energy at the event was high from start to finish, and it was great to catch up with industry peers – some of whom we have only recently established relationships with.

Our team had many insightful conversations, stories and trends shared on the conference floors, while enjoying Po Boys and spectating at The Caeser’s Superdome during a Saints game.  

We want to share some of the key takeaways with you and hope you can use them to support your partnership and brand initiatives heading into 2024.

If you are an affiliate looking to get started, reach out to our team of experts and they’ll walk you through the process.

Finding Your Niche

Jack of all trades, master of none applies to making content too!

When you cast your net too wide to try to capture the largest audience possible, you risk sacrificing your core brand and the viewers who’ve helped get you where you are.

It’s also important to consider what your strategy is – if your only concern is impressions and reaching as many eyes as you can, then maybe niching down isn’t the correct way to go.

But if you want to build an audience of engaged, high-intent viewers that will help spread your content and drive revenue, then digging deeper into what you know and what your core audience comes back for is essential.

Short-Form Content

If you’ve been on a social media platform recently, you probably noticed — short-form content is everywhere.

With TikTok exploding onto the scene, older tech giants like Meta and Google were forced to play catchup if they wanted to grab a piece of the viewership pie.

And why wouldn’t they?

An easier way to make content, faster turnaround so you can stay relevant with trends, and more authenticity means short-form can help you grow your brand and connect with your audience easier than ever before.

Benefits of Working with Micro-influencers

Don’t underestimate the small humble beginnings, everyone starts somewhere.

“Smaller influencers” aka “micro influencers” are expected to be more sought-after partners in the next few years.


Because they’re more likely to resonate with audiences because they’re just everyday people with whom your audiences can relate.

By working with these smaller guys, you’re more likely to reach a specific target audience because they often have a hyperlocal reach.

Another advantage to working with the little guys is that their followers tend to have specific interests, which gives you access and data to niche communities – a loyal and engaged following.

Tapping into this allows you to expand your reach and helps you test out campaign and/or outreach tactics to see what does and does not work.


Podcast Uptick – Not Just for True Crime Stories

Just like how radio was the hot new kid on the block in 1920, podcasts are like radio’s cool, younger brother for listeners today.

Unlike YouTube videos or blog posts that need undivided attention to really digest, podcasts let your audience consume your content on their own terms – while driving a car, cooking dinner, or going out for a jog, podcasts can be listened to almost anytime, anywhere.

Another plus to consider is engagement : As podcasts are more intimate and conversational than other content formats, they can help foster a sense of community for your audience that keeps them coming back for more.

The Emergence of Entertainment Apps for Affiliate Marketing

The heartbeat of today’s app-driven world may find itself in entertainment applications.

This might be the emerging niche marketers never knew they needed, raking in a massive following.

For instance, brands and affiliates can leverage live-streaming platforms like Twitch or YouNow to multiply their advertising efforts.

And because of this, many entertainment apps offer sizeable commission rates, which can further incentivize affiliates to promote them.

Final Thoughts

Fintel Connect is proud of our role in helping ease partnerships between influencers and brands, providing greater transparency for the end consumer and a healthier financial ecosystem.

The best part of attending FinCon this year was building new relationships and strengthening the existing ones.

If you did not participate this year or we did not get a chance to meet, we would love to connect and learn more about how you are looking to grow throughout the next year! 

Contact us to get the ball rolling on partnering up with exciting financial brands. We’re here to answer any questions to help you get started.

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