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Podcast Recap: Nicky Senyard on Growth & Customer Acquisition

Banking on Experience Podcast
November 6, 2020


Alana Levine

Alana Levine


This month, our very own Nicky Senyard, CEO of Fintel Connect, catches up with James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT in his Banking On Experience Podcast. In this episode, the two discuss their perspectives on growth marketing for banks, the power of performance marketing in digital customer acquisition, and why it’s important for financial institutions to invest into their own brands early.

Here are a few highlights of what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The difference between brand marketing vs. performance marketing according to Nicky
  • Understanding the right channels for acquisition: “[Those] who are just getting into digital and are skinning their knees and stubbing their toes don’t realize that performance marketing, which is what we do, can be a big part of your acquisition funnel”
  • Nicky’s recommendations for financial institutions working towards growth: a minimum 20% of marketing budgets allocated to digital marketing, or, at the very least, data transparency within marketing efforts
  • Nicky’s take on the traits of successful leaders, and how structure and data are essential for success; she also reminds business leaders “to be gentle with [themselves] and gentle with [their] expectations”
  • The importance of acting now, and how “the right time to strike is about three years ago”

“If you’re going to pay for something, make sure it hits your bottom line in revenue. Make sure your acquisition marketing gets you to acquire customers. And that’s where performance marketing comes in handy.”

– Nicky Senyard, Fintel Connect CEO

You can also find this interview on the Banking on Experience podcast available on iTunes, SoundCloudSpotifyStitcherSpreaker, Buzzsprout and more.



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