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Credit Score Affiliate Programs You Can Join

  • Last Updated: December 13, 2023

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We will discuss few of the credit score affiliate programs most suitable for influencers looking to add new financial partners to their affiliate portfolio.

Are you a content creator/influencer looking to add new financial partners to your affiliate portfolio? Well, this is your chance to partner with leading fintech products that can help your followers rebuild their credit scores.

By promoting some of the innovative credit repair companies, you can help your audience with the right credit counselling, debt management support and credit education tools they need to improve their financial footing.

The consumer shift towards tech-oriented banking and financial services is evident. According to Canadian Bankers Association, 78% of Canadians are using digital channels to conduct most of their banking transactions.

Apart from regular banking and financial services, consumers are now increasingly tapping digital channels to understand their credit profile and improve the credit scores, as the weight of long-term debt and lackluster credit histories can be a burden for many.

PERC Canada estimates that 6 million Canadian consumers are “credit invisible” i.e. they either do not have a credit history with one of the nationwide credit reporting companies, or have insufficient data in their credit report to generate a credit score.

It is no secret how credit invisible consumers struggle with access to quality credit, which can lead to a range of financial obstacles, anything from obtaining a mortgage to renting an apartment.

This is where innovative fintechs are swooping in, offering consumers actionable insights into their financial reputation and suitable credit repair solutions.

Credit scores may drop due to one or more factors such as a person’s lack of financial literacy, late/missed payments, maxing out credit limits, changes in credit mix or credit utilization rate, and application for new credit accounts.

Fintechs are helping consumers counteract this by offering digital apps, financial dashboards, and interactive credit monitoring tools to enable them to attain optimal financial fitness.

These credit score financial tools educate consumers on how they can enhance their credit profile.

By carefully curating the most suitable credit repair products and explaining to your audience exactly how to make the best use of them, you can add a lot of value to their journey to up their credit score game.

On that note, let us look at a few of the credit score affiliate programs offered by Fintel Connect:

1. Borrowell Affiliate Program

Borrowell’s innovative platform empowers consumers to improve their financial well-being and be heroes of their credit.

It offers ​free credit score​ monitoring and automated ​credit coaching​ tools, along with an AI-driven financial product recommendation engine.

If you have an audience with a strong desire to improve their creditworthiness, you can educate them on how to improve their credit health, and secure a loan, insurance or rent a house on terms that they can afford.

Influencers in the personal finance, real estate, or insurance verticals are invited to sign up for the Borrowell Affiliate Program.

2. Credit Verify Affiliate Program

Credit Verify is a consumer-facing credit report product that focuses on helping those who are most in need of credit education and are looking for the best product to rebuild their credit.

Members get access to detailed credit tracking reports, education on how to interpret this information, numerous ways to improve their credit profile, and vigilant identity theft protection.

Credit Verify marketing has been proven across the US, UK, and Canadian markets spanning 12 years of business, with click-to-conversions surpassing other available products. Top partners reportedly generate hundreds of customer sign-ups per day.

By associating with this financial brand, you can impart valuable credit education to the financial consumers, such as the type of credit cards available, type of credit scores, and how their credit score affects their mortgage rate and eligibility.

If you are a financial influencer with an intent to grow in a niche way where there is value and volume, join the Credit Verify Affiliate Program.

3. Mogo Affiliate Program

Mogo aims at the financial fitness of Canadians via its range of offerings : Free Credit Score & Identity Fraud Protection, Mogo Bitcoin and Rewards, and Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card.

If you wish to educate your audience on how to protect finances via credit score monitoring, take control of spending, have a transparent loan experience, and invest wisely in bitcoin, apply for Mogo Affiliate Program.

4. Plastk Affiliate Program

Plastk offers secured credit cards with a premium rewards program to help its customers strengthen their credit profiles.

Additionally, Plastk Sentinel is a financial product that offers a multitude of services including credit view, credit watch, and credit education to help consumers monitor, track and review their credit reports.

By promoting Plastk Sentinel, you can help those segments of your audience with low/bad credit to find ways to rebuild their credit score.

If this sounds like a financial product that would be of interest to your audience, apply to promote Plastk Affilate Program.

Fintechs are playing a pivotal role in reshaping the credit system into a more fair, personalized, and inclusive process.

For many consumers, credit scores can make or break their chances to own their dream home, start a business or qualify for student loans.

Empowering consumers with the right financial literacy tools can help them build a positive credit history and achieve their biggest lifetime dreams.

With credit repair being a high priority for customers, consider becoming an affiliate for financial brands offering reliable and tech-enabled credit repair solutions. We’ve got niche partners that could help your audience in improving their financial fitness. Apply here and get started with some of the unique credit score affiliate programs.

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