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Walnut Affiliate Program
US, Canada

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About Walnut

Walnut is on a mission to provide younger consumers with transparent access to life insurance. They offer simple plans, instant coverage, and exciting member benefits from brands millennials know and love. 

Currently, Walnut offers two products:

Life insurance as a premium membership

Their life insurance package includes term life insurance and subscriptions to Headspace Plus, ClassPass Digital, and Dashlane Premium in plans starting at just $15.

Digital Protection membership

This affordable membership helps protect a user’s identity, passwords, and financial assets. Passwords are secured using Dashlane Premium and customer’s have 24/7 access to a cyber support helpline that can help with everything from simple security questions to incident reporting and resolution. 

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About the Walnut Affiliate Program

The Walnut affiliate program is based on a cost–per-acquisition (CPA) model. The program is broken down by product:

  • $125 CAD CPA (or equivalent in USD) for each user that signs up for the Life Insurance product and submits a full application with payment information.
  • $25 CAD CPA (or equivalent in USD) for each user that signs up for the Digital Protection product and makes their first payment.

If your audience includes Gen Z and millennials who are looking for life insurance with added benefits to help improve their overall wellbeing, apply to the program now.

Affiliate Program Details

Product Category


Geographic Area

US, Canada
Not available in QC, NB, or NY

Ideal Audience

Gen Z and Millennials looking for baseline life insurance for final expenses or debt

Commission Rate*

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Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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