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Efficiency in monitoring with a complete solution—one click away
Expand your digital efforts and get complete transparency over your fintech partners’ activity and products.

Get an overview of your full-funnel marketing

Measure what’s working with your fintech partners’ marketing

Catch potential issues before regulators for auditing purposes

Quantify exposure from your partners’ content

Give your business a scalable path to increased marketing returns with our cost-effective, impactful, and automated solution to track and monitor your partner’s activity.

We provide a cost-effective, impactful solution to reach and acquire new customers. Our leading advertising technology specific to the financial services industry gives your institution a scalable path to increased marketing returns and does the heavy lifting of keeping your marketing compliant.

Keep product info up-to-date

AI-driven tool to alert brands of product info discrepancies

Know Exactly Where Your Brand Is Being Promoted


Are you worried about your brand and what your partners are saying?

Set up content rules and leave it to our AI engine to scan, compare and identify content issues in your campaigns that need addressing. Keep your brand safe and your compliance team happy.
  • Usage Auditing

    Have a complete picture of where your fintech partners are mentioning your brand, and easily run reports to show new mentions, existing mentions, historical mentions, and related traffic stats to quantify and measure potential exposure when content issues are found.

  • Historic Record-Keeping

    Automatically capture screenshots of mentions over time and download and export them for auditing purposes. Make things easy for your compliance team.

  • Content Rule Engine

    Set clear guidelines and rules for content and brand mentions in the Fintel Check Rules Engine. Fintel Check’s AI-powered content monitoring tool will automatically scrape, scan, capture, and report content findings on your fintech partners’ websites and campaigns.

  • Content CMS And Feed

    Make it easy for your teams to proactively control the content on your partner’s pages. By pulling the feed code and placing it on their sites, partners will allow your team to update live content at any point via the Fintel Check platform.

Trust us with your brand, your goals, and your budget

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