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Discover how Neo Financial experienced exponential growth of 511% in net new customers through the affiliate channel. Download the case study now!


Track and analyze your marketing results with Fintel Result’s end-to-end customer journey tracking and analytics tool.

No more guessing where your marketing dollars are working best. Have the tools you need to track, measure, optimize and let your marketing team shine.

Our web-based tracking and analytics platform plugs into any customer journey, account opening or origination system to measure what’s really driving funded accounts or loans.

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Make the most of your marketing budget

70% of financial institution leaders don’t know what marketing channels are delivering the best results. Are you one of them? Don’t let your third-party technologies hold your marketing back. Fintel Results delivers an easy path to transparency and bottom-line results.
Armin Huska
Armin Huska
Global Head of Media & Agency Management

“The Fintel Connect team provides a unique and professional level of service for RBC’s Affiliate Marketing needs. The team is creating impactful programs that are infused by industry-specific insights, a strong understanding & passion for our business and powered by highly strategic thinking.”

Cameron Millband
Cameron Millband
Sr Performance Manager

“As a publisher is always looking for access to the biggest brands to promote on our site. With the team at Fintel, we’re able to access those partnerships as well as the support and analytics needed to scale our performance.”

Niv Yatsiv
Niv Yatsiv
Head of Webpals Finance

“We are a performance publisher that relies on big data to make smart marketing decisions and cater to our user’s needs. Working closely with Fintel Connect’s platform and dedicated professional team has given our business direct access to our traffic’s data, allowing us to analyze and optimize the user journey and behavior on our sites.”

End-to-end Tracking

No matter your third-party origination or account opening technology, Fintel Results tracking allows you to easily measure the entire customer journey and bottom-line impact of your marketing channels.
  • Direct integration into any third-party account opening or loan origination systems
  • Cross-channel tracking and reporting for easy campaign optimization
  • Track, measure and A/B test campaigns, channels, and landing pages across multiple products

Comprehensive Campaign Management

Easily set up and manage all your marketing campaigns in Fintel Results’ comprehensive web-based platform.
  • Campaign management across paid search, social, email, web and more
  • A/B testing capabilities and multi-step conversion reporting
  • Supports any type of creative – banners, GIFs, HTML5 and more
Ad Management

In-depth Reporting

Get a clear picture of where your marketing dollars are working hardest for you with a robust reporting engine. Easily compare channels, creative and messaging, and measure traffic and full-funnel metrics.
  • Easy-to-use real-time reporting for efficient optimization
  • Automated custom report scheduling for upper management
  • Full-funnel metrics like applications started and completed, and approved accounts

Plus A Built-In Marketing Monitoring & Compliance Tool

Ensure your brand and products are promoted in the right place with the right message. Automate the monitoring of your campaigns and prevent compliance-related issues.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps


Choose the product journeys to track and measure.


Fintel Connect team to support with tracking implementation and end-to-end testing.


Upload campaigns and pull tracking links.


Sit back and let Fintel Results track and measure your marketing performance.
  • Get ready to launch your program and scale your results!

Ensure your marketing efforts are delivering you the right customers, efficiently.

With our end-to-end tracking and analytics tool, you can A/B test campaigns and create in-depth reports to identify what your brand spend is generating. Discover which campaigns are delivering the right customers and compare tactical results over time to allocate your budget where it has the most impact.

Deliver a digital experience that attracts more customers online

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