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Fintel Connect to Host Session on Influencer & Content Marketing with Ohio Bankers League

Fintel Connect is pleased to host a session on influencer marketing and content marketing for members of the Ohio Bankers League (OBL) on March 31, 2021.

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly curious channel for banker marketers looking to boost brand awareness, credibility, and new customer growth. However, many community and regional banks are still unsure of how to incorporate it into their overall digital marketing strategies. With modern consumers now relying more on influencer advice about financial products, smaller banks may miss the opportunity to connect with potential new customers.

In this session, “The Power of Influencer and Content Marketing to Gain New Customers for Your Bank,” OBL bank members will learn how to leverage the power of influencer partnerships, including geo-targeted campaigns to focus their marketing spend strategically.

The session features a select panel of experts in banking and digital marketing who will share their best practices and advice for banks considering influencer and content marketing. Speakers include Fintel Connect CEO and Founder Nicky Senyard; LCNB National Bank’s VP/Marketing Director Mark Founds; Founder Russ Nauta, and; Joseph Hogue, host of YouTube channel Let’s Talk Money.

“Influencer marketing isn’t just for Millennials and Gen Z’ers anymore,” says Stephanie Watson, VP of Professional Development at Ohio Bankers League. “There’s a lot of untapped marketing potential that our bank members can leverage, especially when using influencer and content marketing for customer acquisition. I’m excited that we can offer this session to meet our members’ growing interest in driving online customer acquisition.”

“Influencer marketing isn’t just for Millenials and Gen Z’ers anymore. There’s a lot of untapped marketing potential that our bank members can leverage.”

– Stephanie Watson, VP of Professional Development, Ohio Bankers League

“Being a niche player is one of the best competitive advantages you can have,” says Nicky Senyard. “And it’s one reason why community banks and influencer marketing are a great pairing. Both deliver value in being personalized and one-on-one, so combining their voices can drive an even greater audience response. I’m looking forward to speaking with bankers about how to get in the game.”

OBL members that are registered to attend the 2021 OBL Bank Marketing Conference will get access to this exclusive session on March 31, 2021. Details about the conference are available at

About Ohio Bankers League

The Ohio Bankers League is a trade association that works to satisfy the needs of and promote cooperation among all of Ohio’s banks and thrifts. It is one of the most well-respected financial trade associations in the country, thanks to its reputable history, which spans more than 100 years. Over this impressive amount of time, the association has amassed nearly 200 FDIC-insured financial institutions as members, including commercial banks, savings banks, and savings and loan associations. To learn more about the Ohio Bankers League, visit

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