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Webinar: Driving Deposits at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

August 23, 2023 @ 2pm ET | Register Now

We are excited to partner with LemonadeLXP and to bring together a insightful webinar on Driving Deposits at Every Stage of the Customer Journey.

In today’s financial landscape, liquidity is a crucial concern for banks and financial institutions. To address the liquidity crunch and ensure sustainable growth, it is essential to not only attract new customers but also maximize the loyalty and wallet-share of existing customers. 

Join Alana Levine, CRO of Fintel Connect, John Findlay, Founder & CEO of LemonadeLXP, and Craig McLaughlin, CEO of, to get actionable insights to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Train staff to spot opportunities to secure deposits
  • Increase customer loyalty

You don’t want to miss it!

Webinar Details

Date: Aug 23, 2023 

Time: 2pm EST

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