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Podcast: Finding Digital Ad Performance and ROI with Alana Levine

Join Dan Novalis, Chris Bates, and Alana Levine, CRO of Fintel Connect, on the Bank Marketing Show as they delve into the realm of digital ad performance and return on investment (ROI) in banking marketing efforts. Discover how tracking can empower banks to measure their marketing success and ultimately contribute to their bottom line. In this episode, they shed light on the significance of setting clear goals, measuring all aspects of the marketing system, and outlining an efficient tracking process.

Key Topics Explored:

Understanding Tracking: What is tracking, and why is it essential?

  • Explore the concept of tracking and its pivotal role in evaluating marketing performance.
  • Uncover the benefits of tracking, including data-driven decision-making and customer behavior insights.

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

  • Learn the importance of establishing clear goals and objectives for bank marketing efforts.
  • Understand how well-defined goals align marketing strategies with broader business objectives.

Conversion-Based Metrics vs. Visibility Metrics

  • Examine the pros and cons of conversion-based metrics (e.g., click-through rates, lead conversions) and visibility metrics (e.g., impressions, reach) for tracking digital ad performance.
  • Discover how a balanced approach to these metrics provides a comprehensive understanding of marketing effectiveness.

Performance Monitoring

  • Gain insights into the significance of continuous performance monitoring in optimizing marketing campaigns.
  • Learn how monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) helps identify trends, areas of improvement, and successful strategies.

Synergy between Digital Ads, Tracking, and Business Goals

  • Explore how digital ads can be harnessed to support overarching business goals.
  • Understand the role of tracking in assessing the effectiveness of marketing channels and optimizing resource allocation.

By embracing the practices of tracking, setting clear goals, and utilizing appropriate metrics, banks can unlock the true potential of their marketing endeavors. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and discover the path towards maximizing ROI in the digital advertising landscape.

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