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Fintel Connect to Lead Virtual Marketing Seminar Hosted by NC Bankers

Fintel Connect is pleased to lead Winning New Customers in Times of Change, a series of panel discussions hosted by the North Carolina Bankers Associations (NCBA) on June 8, 2021.

Selecting the right marketing tactics to grow an online presence and drive new customer growth can be challenging for financial institutions, especially when faced with a competitive digital landscape and a limited marketing budget. To augment their existing content marketing efforts, many banks are combining their traditional marketing tactics with performance-based marketing channels like affiliate and influencer marketing.

Bank marketing leaders who want to learn how to integrate digital into their current marketing strategies are invited to attend this all-day seminar, where they will learn how to create effective, results-driven digital customer journeys, including how to partner with influencers, affiliates and content creators to expand their audience reach further. By the end of the seminar, participants will be equipped with the foundational knowledge necessary to elevate their company’s digital presence to the next level.

Through a four-part series of discussions led by Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect, experts from various verticals of the financial industry will offer a diverse range of strategies, advice and perspectives on how to win customers via digital.

  • Part 1 – The Customer Journey in Banking: Creating an Effective Customer Experience – Maureen Flaherty, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Kennebunk Savings, James Roy, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at People’s United Bank, Booshan Rengachari, Founder of Finzly
  • Part 2 – Financial Product Marketing: Choosing the Digital Channels to Acquire New Customers – Mary Coleman, Director of Advertising and PR at Extraco Consulting, Liz McIntyre, Director of Social Media & PR, and Vice President of Marketing at Renasant Bank, Andrew Kraemer, Personal Finance Writer and Founder of
  • Part 3 – How to Partner with Publishers and Influencers, Both Big and Small – Amy Tabash, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Webpals Finance, Lauren Greutman, Debt Free Life Coach at, Megan Hryndza, Co-Founder of Mighty Deposits
  • Part 4 – Key Metrics for a Successful Digital Strategy – Matthew Entringer, Digital Media Manager at UMB Bank, Joshua Kopac, Director of Sales at Prodege

“We are excited to host this seminar for NCBA members and bank leaders everywhere, and appreciate the partnership with Fintel Connect.”

– Brianna Reeder, AVP, Director of Communications & Professional Development with the North Carolina Bankers Association.

As a leading voice in performance marketing for over twenty years, Nicky Senyard understands how digital excels at driving acquisition for financial services. “Digital channels are very powerful for finding the right customers and connecting them with products that help them reach their financial goals,” she explains. “But reaching that final step of winning a customer over is still challenging for many banks, big and small. I’m pleased to collaborate with NCBA to help community banks expand their digital marketing abilities and achieve the level of bottom-line impact they’re seeking.”

This session is open to NCBA members, bank presidents, CEOs, marketing directors and other bank officers that are focused on enhancing their customer acquisition strategies. Register at today.

About NCBA

The North Carolina Bankers Association brings together all categories of banking institutions that best represent the interests of our rapidly changing state. Proudly serving North Carolina’s banking industry since 1897, the NCBA is the professional trade organization providing advocacy, leadership and support for its dynamic membership base. The NCBA actively promotes the professional and educational development of its members and affiliate members, and hosts countless annual events, conferences, and professional development programming. 

About Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is a leading performance marketing company dedicated to serving the financial services and fintech space. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the team at Fintel Connect supports a wide range of tier one banks, community banks, and financial technology companies through its extensive network of publishers and fully scalable tracking and reporting technology.

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