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Fintel Connect Collaborates with Washington Bankers on Influencer Marketing Session for Banks

Fintel Connect is pleased to lead a panel discussion on influence marketing, hosted by Washington Bankers Association (WBA) on April 15, 2021.

With the online landscape of financial services becoming increasingly competitive, many community and regional banks struggle to compete against larger financial brands with extensive marketing budgets. To stay competitive, smaller brands and fintechs are now leveraging influencer marketing to extend their reach convey their brand value to their target audiences.

In this discussion, experts from digital marketing and banking will share their best practices for leveraging influencer marketing. Included in this panel are Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect; Carie Kelly, Senior Vice President, Virtual Banking of BankProv; Jesse Uman, Head of Industry, Financial Services at; and Lee Huffman, Freelance Writer and Founder of the We Travel There Podcast.

Bank leaders from the WBA will learn about the mechanics of influencer partnerships and how it connects them with targeted, high-intent audiences. The session will also cover practical methods to build this channel as an extension of internal marketing teams, and how influencers can win new customers for banks.

“To stay competitive, it’s important to get in front of your target audience at the right  moment of the customer journey,” says Duncan Taylor, Senior Vice President, Washington Banker’s Association. “I’m excited for our members to hear from experts in influencer marketing to learn more about how it works, and how it can enhance their plans for future customer growth.”

Nicky Senyard, who will lead the discussion, underlines the benefits of partnerships in marketing. “More consumers are researching bank products without stepping foot into a branch or even visiting a bank’s website,” she observes. “Partnering with the right influencers is how a financial brand can reach prospective customers with products that fit their financial goals. I’m looking forward to this insightful discussion on the power of influencer marketing.”

“I’m excited for our members to hear from experts in influencer marketing … and how it can enhance their plans for future customer growth.”
– Duncan Taylor, Senior Vice President, Washington Bankers Association

​Attendees of the webinar include CEOs, Marketing Directors and other Bank Officers focused on growing their banks and acquiring new customers through digital marketing.

About WBA

The Washington Bankers Association leads the banking industry as a premier provider of advocacy, education, and products and services. For more than 100 years, the WBA has been actively involved in shaping the legislative issues that impact the success of Washington’s banks. WBA’s comprehensive educational offerings are available in a variety of formats to make training as convenient, timely, and cost-effective as possible. WBA supports the missions of our members, connecting and promoting their philanthropic efforts.

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Fintel Connect is a leading performance marketing company dedicated to serving the financial services and fintech space. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the team at Fintel Connect support a wide range of tier one banks, community banks and financial technology companies through its extensive network of publishers and fully scalable tracking and reporting technology.

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