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Fintech Cadence Announces Partnership with Fintel Connect

Fintech Cadence announces today their partnership with Fintel Connect. The partnership will enhance the resources, offerings and capabilities that Fintech Cadence provides to the fintech startups they support across Canada. As a service provider and marketing arm, Fintel Connect will leverage their marketing expertise specialized in financial services to help fintech companies within the Fintech Cadence ecosystem to maximize performance.

Fintech Cadence was founded in 2017 to foster innovation in the Canadian fintech sector. With the goal of stimulating collaboration, Fintech Cadence has brought together talent, startups, universities, researchers, VC’s, incubators & accelerators and financial institutions to work and innovate together. Today, they are Canada’s fintech hub, providing multiple resources, programs and events for the fintech community.

“Fintech cadence is a great supporter, and essential contributor, to the innovation ecosystem in Canada. This partnership with Fintel Connect will reinforce the support they provide to fintech startups. Fintel Connect helped me by leveraging their powerful network of publishers to grow my user base and improve the financial health of more Canadians.” shares Olga Morawczynski, Founder of Bounc3.

This partnership places Fintel Connect in the ranks of similar technology providers such as IBM, Hubspot, Plaid, Zendesk, and AWS to name a few. “With the boom in fintechs offering digital-first solutions, we’ve noticed that many still don’t have the marketing resources to reach new customers online. Our partnership with Fintech Cadence will help us further our mission of helping fintech companies achieve their growth goals and financial brands along their digital transformation journey. Because we’re built specifically for the financial services niche, we understand the obstacles and complexities that fintech startups face, and we’re looking forward to helping them grow,” said Nicky Senyard, Fintel Connect’s CEO.

It’s a pleasure to work with partners that understand the challenges of the fintech space and the journey these [startups] are on.”
– Layial El-Hadi, Executive Director, Fintech Cadence

Fintech Cadence’s goal is to support startups in as many aspects as possible, offering them targeted, functional services geared toward their success. With Fintel Connect, they will be able to solve the pain points for startup fintech businesses together.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Fintel Connect.” remarks Layial El-Hadi, Executive Director at Fintech Cadence. “Their expertise is unmatched in the intersection of fintech and marketing. It’s such a specific niche, and it’s the same niche we support here at Fintech Cadence. It’s a pleasure to work with partners that understand the challenges of the fintech space and the journey these companies are on; it’s helpful for us and, most importantly, helpful for the startups we work with.”

To learn more about Fintel Connect’s partnership with Fintech Cadence, visit

About Fintech Cadence

Fintech Cadence is Canada’s fintech hub and provides multiple programs and events for the fintech community from coast to coast. Structured as a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to serve early-stage startups and build fintech products from the grassroots level.

About Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is an award-winning marketing analytics company on a mission to drive value for brands and consumers in financial services. As a marketing intelligence solution built specifically for the financial industry, Fintel Connect serves 50+ North American fintechs, banks, credit unions, and insurtech companies. The company offers a suite of turn-key products to drive scalable growth, including a fully scalable tracking and reporting platform, a curated network of over 2,500 leading financial publishers and influencers, and built-in AI-driven marketing compliance tools. Fintel Connect is also a proud partner of the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program, committed to helping clients build the next generation of digital banking. To discover how Fintel Connect can achieve scalable growth for your brand, visit

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