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Deposit Solutions Launches New Affiliate Program with Fintel Connect

Financial technology platform, Deposit Solutions, launches affiliate marketing program leveraging Fintel Connect Technology and Network

Vancouver, BC, November 9, 2020 

Deposit Solutions LLC has recently launched an affiliate program for its portal with Fintel Connect. offers U.S. banks national distribution for their deposit products and gives consumers access to high-yield savings products from a curated selection of FDIC insured banks. With its simple digital sign-up process, removes barriers such as lengthy application forms or data security concerns through its secure, integrated platform. Customers only have to open up one account to access multiple savings products and manage all of their cash savings.

“We help customers easily find savings products that fit their personal financial goals, both short and long-term, and banks reach customers nationally with a great digital experience and a simple account sign-up process. is about safety, choice and convenience,” says Deposit Solutions CEO Philipp von Girsewald. “Fintel Connect is helping us realize our goals by connecting us with publishers that have an active audience that would benefit from our service.”

“We help … banks reach customers nationally with a great digital experience and a simple account sign-up process.”

– Philipp von Girsewald, CEO, Deposit Solutions

After launching in the US in September of this year, Deposit Solutions will accelerate its growth initiatives through Fintel Connect’s technology and curated network of financially focused influencers. The cooperation with Deposit Solutions is also part of Fintel Connect’s geographic expansion as it aims to support more fintechs and financial institutions in growing their digital footprints. CEO of Fintel Connect, Nicky Senyard, remarks, “I’m looking forward to Fintel’s partnership with Deposit Solutions and supporting the SaveBetter portal’s growth and expansion into the US.  We’re pleased to introduce to our US publishers an innovative digital product to offer their customers.” currently features high-yield savings products from a variety of banks and will be adding fixed term and no penalty certificate of deposits soon.  Publishers with US audiences are invited to join their affiliate program now

About Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions is a globally recognized FinTech firm that provides a proprietary open architecture platform for deposits products. In the U.S., Deposit Solutions LLC helps banks improve their deposit funding by offering them national reach for their retail deposit products, and provides Americans with better access, more choice and higher convenience when shopping for savings products from FDIC-insured banks.


About Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is a leading performance marketing company dedicated to serving the financial services and fintech space. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the team at Fintel Connect support a wide range of tier one banks, community banks and financial technology companies through its extensive network of publishers and fully scalable tracking and reporting technology.

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