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B9 Launches Affiliate Program with Fintel Connect to Expand Reach of Payroll Solution App

b9 affiliate program
B9, a financial technology company that provides payroll solutions aimed at promoting creditworthiness for underbanked, widens its reach by leveraging Fintel Connect’s network and AI-powered influencer marketing platform.

Vancouver, BC, 

June 21, 2022


B9, a fintech that offers app-based payroll solutions to underbanked communities, has launched its affiliate program in partnership with Fintel Connect, the leading specialist in performance marketing solutions for financial brands.

In the US, young workers new-to-credit, including gig workers, make up a large proportion of underbanked customers, and B9 aims to help them build creditworthiness out of their daily earning and spending patterns. Founded by fintech veterans with extensive consumer finance experience, the B9 app offers day-to-day payroll solutions and a full suite of banking products, including the B9 Visa® Card. The credit card features up to 4% cashback and early wage access of up to 100% of a customer’s next paycheck, enabling new-to-credit customers to build their creditworthiness and navigate daily financial needs.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help hardworking individuals whose needs are invisible to incumbent financial institutions. Millions of people in the US are considered unbankable because those financial institutions are not taking into account the new ways people are working,” said B9 Founder & CEO Sergio Terentev.  “We’re creating more financial inclusion of young workers and all who are new-to-credit, and with Fintel Connect, we’re confident that our bank-grade offerings will reach more customers across the country.”

“We’re creating more financial inclusion of young workers and all who are new-to-credit.”
– Sergio Terentev, CEO & Founder of B9


Fintel Connect is aligned with B9’s mission to help underbanked customers make the most out of their paycheck. The partnership marks another step for Fintel Connect in contributing to the digital future of the financial industry.

“Fintel Connect is committed to helping brands scale their customer growth to the next level,” said Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect. “We’re proud to support B9’s team on their mission to improve the financial health of hardworking, underbanked Americans.”

B9’s affiliate program is available now through Fintel Connect. Publishers and influencers who are looking to help solve the unmet financial needs of underbanked customers are invited to join B9’s affiliate program.

About B9

B9 Inc. is a fast-growing payroll solution platform aimed at promoting creditworthiness through employment data and economic behavior. Learn more at www.bnine.com

About Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is the leading specialist in performance marketing technology for the financial industry. As a marketing intelligence solution built specifically for financial services, Fintel Connect serves North American fintechs, banks, credit unions, and insurtechs. The company’s suite of turn-key products drive scalable growth through its tracking and reporting platform, curated network of financial publishers and influencers, and AI-driven marketing compliance tools. As a proud partner of the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program, Fintel Connect is helping build the next generation of digital banking. Discover how Fintel Connect helps brands scale their growth: www.fintelconnect.com.


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