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Scale your financial brand’s customer acquisition with a financial affiliate platform

Leverage performance marketing to reach the right customers at the right time – and only pay for the results you get. Our influencer affiliate platform is a one-of-a-kind solution for financial brands that takes the guesswork out of reaching new customers and enables you to scale growth online in a safe, cost-effective way. 

Reach out to find out how our financial affiliate platform helps you attract new customers by expanding your reach and elevating your brand to the front of your market.

Fintel Performance - Leverage performance marketing to reach the right customers at the right time

Your end-to-end solution to manage performance marketing partnerships. Tap into a curated, pre-vetted database of influencers and publishers, have the tools to safely grow and scale your results, and lean on our team’s expert leadership to support you every step of the way. 

Whether you’re an early-stage fintech or an institutional bank looking to partner with specific media publishers or influencers focused on financial services, Fintel Performance is the best platform for affiliate marketing in 2022.

Fintel Performance Dashboard - Data to save you up to 70% on your acquisition costs

Meet your scalable
growth engine

Want a way to acquire the right customers at a lower cost? Our tailored tools help you save time and make the most of your budgets, all while staying marketing compliant. Fintel Performance saves you up to 70% on your current acquisition costs.

Scaling your growth can be difficult when you want to acquire more customers but your resources are limited. Fintel Performance is your solution: as a financial affiliate platform, its tools help you ramp up acquisition while keeping your costs down.

Flexible setup

No matter your DAO, LOS, CRM or core provider, our fully integrable tracking gives you end-to-end transparency.

Partner CRM

Easily manage your partnerships, campaigns and results, all in the same affiliate management platform.


Your brand marketing is safe and secure, and with anonymized tracking, your database is protected.

Comprehensive reporting

Our extensive reporting gives you a clear picture of where your marketing dollars are working hardest for you. Scaling your growth is resource-intensive, and our affiliate platform can help you redirect your funds to get the most out of them.

Fintel Check's reporting gives a clear picture where your marketing dollars are work
Fintel Check's Content Management System makes it easy to manage your digital campaigns for your financial institution

Content management system

As an influencer affiliate platform focused on the finance industry, Fintel Performance can aid you and your affiliates with coordinating the information they publish. Help your publishers keep their content up-to-date with a product feed specially built for financial products.

Compliance and
monitoring tools

Know exactly where your brand is being promoted, ensure messaging is aligned with your current offers and guidelines, and easily store historic coverage for auditing purposes.

Compliance and monitoring tools via Fintel Check keeps your marketing acquisition safe and compliant
Fintel Performance is the only affiliate network focused in financial services

Finance-focused network

No need to filter through extensive databases of partners. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by curating the only network of finance-focused influencers, publishers and apps that you can partner with to achieve your goals. Instead of crawling the internet for partners, you can find them in our network by geo, demo and tactical offerings.


Partnership is at the core of what we do, which is why we pre-vet and build close relationships with every publisher we work with. Their success is your success, so we provide them with high-touch support, timely payouts, and the tools and transparency to help them achieve their potential.

Complete program management

Whether your brand is just starting out or needing strategic direction to scale, we’re here to support you. We’re not just any affiliate network platform: we’re experts in financial services and understand the industry’s complexities, and that means you can leverage our support team’s expertise.

From driving the strategy, through recruiting and activating new partners, to optimizing results, our team of experts will guide you in making the most of your performance marketing.

Direct support for your affiliate program
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Using a financial affiliate platform enables you to take more control over promoting your financial services via influencers, media publishers, and online content in general. Contact us to learn how to partner with the leading influencers in financial services and make the most of your marketing budgets.

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