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Keep your financial brand’s marketing compliant with Fintel Check

Grow your affiliate program safely and stay compliant with our financial services compliance software. Designed specifically for financial brands, Fintel Check is an AI-driven monitoring and compliance tool to protect your brand,  keep your partners compliant and ensure that your brand is promoted exactly in the way you want it.

Managing the compliance of your own marketing content can be challenging, and that challenge is amplified when you’re partnered with external affiliate marketing partners that may not be as well-versed with compliance needs. Without full oversight on your marketing, the safety of your brand and your customers can be at risk. 

Fintel Check’s compliance management system takes the heavy-lifting out of content compliance. Our proprietary AI-driven technology gives your financial brand complete transparency of where your products are being promoted, identifying content that’s outside of regulations so that your marketing team can action it and keep your marketing content within regulations.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how and where your brand is being mentioned?

Without workflow management systems, tracking all of your brand and product placements across the web can make financial compliance laborious and time-consuming.

We’ve got you covered. From our link monitoring feature that alerts you of new brand mentions on your publisher sites to a rules-based content tracking engine, our compliance management system has been built with financial brand marketing compliance in mind to ensure your brand and products are being endorsed only where you want them to be.

How to use Fintel Check?

Fintel Check financial services compliance management software works with all of your partnerships, social campaigns, and even your own marketing assets, allowing your brand to monitor critical assets like interest rates, adherence to brand usage guidelines, disclaimers, and more.

Content Management System

Link Monitoring

Be alerted whenever your publishers add new brand content to their marketing. Due to our compliance management software giving you full transparency of your referring URLs, you can ensure your brand is endorsed only where you want it to be.

Content Compliance

Your publisher partners are kept in check to ensure their content stays up to date. Through our proprietary machine learning algorithms, you’ll have a complete picture of how your partners are maintaining their content, including daily reports of partners that require compliance updates.

Comprehensive Reporting
Content Management System

Audit Database

To remove as many barriers as possible to scaling your partnership program, Fintel Check stores and provides the data necessary to keep your compliance team happy. Records of all your marketing campaigns and partnerships are tracked in our secure database and easily accessible.

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