CARL Affiliate Program

About CARL

CARL, Inc. is a mobile hedge fund aggregation app for accredited investors. It’s unique 100% end-to-end digital platform delivers sophisticated quantitative investments through:

  • Lowering minimums
  • Providing real-time performance data
  • Increasing diversification options with multiple risk/reward selections
  • Enabling monthly liquidity

CARL’s technology removes barriers to access and provide better risk controls while your money grows. In a nutshell, CARL is where hedge funds meet the digital revolution.

Currently CARL offers 3 quantitative hedge funds, and will grow into approximately 30 funds in the next two years. Each fund has its own unique strategy and risk/reward parameters, offering investors a truly diversified mix of assets within each portfolio.

To learn more about CARL and its current promotions and offers, please visit the website at

CARL Affiliate Program

Product Categories Offered

Quantitative hedge fund investing

Geographic Area


Program Terms and Conditions

Available in the Fintel Connect system.

The CARL affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. Publishers will trigger a USD$150 CPA for every customer that invests the USD$20,000 minimum.

The platform is available to investors around the globe that manage US portfolios. For publishers looking to monetise a high-net-worth audience segment, CARL may appeal to savvy investors, including doctors, lawyers, and financial service executives. If this sounds like your audience, sign up to the program below.


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