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Meridian Credit Union Affiliate Program

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About Meridian Credit Union

Since its founding, Meridian’s commitment to helping its Members build better lives has never wavered. By focusing on what is at the heart of their Members’ lives — their families, homes, businesses, health, and communities — they are working to fulfill a role as partner, advisor, and supporter.

As Ontario’s largest credit union, with over 370,000 Members, they’re committed to providing exceptional banking services and advice. They also have a role to play that goes beyond financial services. Their commitment to Members and communities is rooted in this fundamental belief.

Unlike some of the larger financial institutions, they don’t have public shareholders. Their Members are owners, which means any profit they make goes back into improving their products and services, and innovating new ways to enhance their Members’ lives.

By helping Members build overall resilience, they hope to make the tough moments a little less tough, and the good moments a little more great. By doing this together, Canadians can truly achieve better lives.

About the Meridian Credit Union Affiliate Program

The Meridian affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. Publishers will trigger a CPA for every new member that successfully completes an application.

With great rates, flexible payments, tons of options, and personalized advice, Meridian is making homeownership a reality for more Canadians.
Feeling good about their mortgage and their home starts here. The mortgage your audience needs, for the home they’ll love.

Lock in a great rate and enjoy interest and payments that stay the same even if the market shifts or with a rate that goes up or down depending on the market, users could save on interest.

Alternatively, homeowners can buy with less than 20% down to get into the market faster. Great for first-time buyers.
If this sounds like a financial product that would be of interest to your audience, apply to promote Meridian’s affiliate program now.

Affilitate Program Details

Product Category


Ideal Audience

Adults 25-54 living in Ontario who are purchasing their first home/refinancing

Geographical Area

Currently: ON

Commission Rate*

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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