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Extra Affiliate Program

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About Extra

Today, there are over 100 million Americans who don’t want, or can’t get a credit card. Yet there are very few alternatives for establishing credit other than with a risky Credit Card. Extra’s mission is to make credit building safer and more accessible for everyone with the first debit card that builds credit and earns reward points.

At the end of every month Extra totals up all purchases and payments and reports them to credit bureaus to build credit. With the Extra Debit Card, customers can also earn up to 1% in points for everyday purchases.

About the Extra Affiliate Program

The Extra affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model of $40 USD per each application completed. For more information on the program details, reach out to your team.

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Affilitate Program Details

Product Category

Credit reporting

Ideal Audience

Individuals between age 25-35 who are looking for a debit card that builds credit

Geographical Area


Commission Rate*

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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