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Get to Know Fintel Connect

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October 1, 2019


Alana Levine

Alana Levine


Welcome to Fintel Connect, we’re excited you’re here!

We thought we’d put together an introduction into who we are, what we do and how we’d love to work with you to grow the financial services and fintech space.

Read on and look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

Introducing Fintel Connect

We are financial intelligence – connected.

Illustration with a lightbulb and dollar signs

Our mission is to grow and scale the financial services industry. This means we bring together powerful brands in the global Fintech arena with the influencers, bloggers, and publishers that can help these brands amplify their message to the right audience.

Fintel Connect’s founding team has over four combined decades of experience in performance marketing across niche industries. Previously known by many as Share Results, we’ve rebranded to best serve the needs of our partners and clients in financial services.

New to performance marketing? Check out our blog here to find out everything you need to know.

What We Do

We are a performance marketing platform, network and team of passionate expert affiliate marketers.

  • The Fintel Connect Platform is a powerful tracking and reporting technology that powers the affiliate programs for all Fintel Connect partners. We’ve evolved the software to match the needs of both our merchant clients and publishers and to ensure optimal campaign performance.

Illustration graphics and analytics

  • Our Network of Publishers is dedicated to financial services. It continues to grow and expand as we build our relationships and grow the suite of products offered in our network. Publisher partners in the network range from comparison sites, to bloggers, to podcasters, to influencers and beyond – all experts in their fields with savvy customers focused on their financial journey.

Illustration showing growth

Want to become a Fintel Connect Publisher? Check out our page here or join our waitlist!

  • Running an affiliate program takes time and expertise, which is where our Affiliate Management Team comes in. We know the ins and outs of affiliate programs and are here to help act as an extension of your team to help you make the most of this channel.

Illustration of a trophy

Products in Our Network

We work in a range of product areas. Here is a list of the key areas where we work:

Credit cards and pre-paid cards
Banking such as chequing, savings accounts
Lending such as personal loans and unsecured loans
Wealth management
Investments -> TFSAS, RRSPs, GICs
Credit score tools

We’d love to work with you!

If you’re a brand in financial services or adjacent areas and looking to grow your performance marketing reach, get in touch! We’re always on the hunt for great products and services to offer our publishers.

If you’re a publisher looking to promote financial products, you’re in the right place. Join our waitlist now to gain early access.

Want to learn more about promoting financial products? Check out our blog here.



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