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Aspiration Affiliate Program
Credit card

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About Aspiration

Aspiration is a different kind of financial partner: instead of focusing on building a bank, they focus on building a better world. Aspirations puts customers and their conscience first, offering socially-conscious and sustainable ways to spend and save so you can make money while making the world a better place. And, unlike the Big Banks, Aspiration doesn’t use your deposits to fund oil pipelines or exploration.

Aspiration currently offers two cards for conscious users, the Aspiration Card and the Aspiration Plus Card. Each provides great cashback opportunities, no hidden fees, a fee-free ATM network, and the opportunity to reforest the planet with every purchase roundup.

Aspiration is 100% committed to clean finance and is setting the standard for banking with Clean Finance: their commitment to divest from dirty, harmful industries and invest only in positive change.

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About the Aspiration Affiliate Program

The Aspiration Affiliate Program offers engaging incentives and promotions for its partners. Publishers can promote its environmental conscious cards and are remunerated for approved card per customers on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis. Publishers will trigger a CPA of USD$60 for each approved customer for either card, no minimum deposit required.

With fast turnaround times for approvals, affiliates can join the program and be up and running with content within 48 hours of applying.

Affiliate Program Details

Product Category

Credit card

Geographic Area


Ideal Audience

Socially conscious consumers who want to bank to build a better world

Commission Rate*

for each approved customer for either credit card

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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