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Moves Launches New Affiliate Program in Partnership with Fintel Connect

Financial technology platform Moves Financial launches affiliate marketing program leveraging Fintel Connect Technology and Network

Toronto, ON, October 13, 2020  –

Moves, a financial technology platform that serves the gig economy, has recently launched its affiliate program in partnership with Fintel Connect.

Moves is dedicated to supporting the gig economy by providing financial help for self-employed workers throughout the country. Independent “gig” workers may find they are ineligible for products offered by traditional financial institutions. To address this gap, Moves has developed modern financial products to serve as a financial safety net for the underserved needs of gig workers.

Over the last decade, the gig economy has exploded. However, gig employment lacks the same level of financial security as salaried employees. Gig workers inevitably face unpredictable expenses or income volatility due to seasonality or extenuating circumstances.

With Moves, gig workers can alleviate financial stress and gain peace of mind knowing that they can access credit whenever they may need it. In doing so, they can securely pursue independence and achieve work-life balance while earning money.

We’re excited to partner with Fintel Connect to help bring our services to more gig workers in North America,” says Moves’ Growth ManagerAlwin Wong. “Fintel Connect’s affiliate partners share the same entrepreneurial spirit as Moves’ independent workers. Because of this, I feel they’ll be excellent ambassadors for Moves’ service offerings We look forward to a bright future through this partnership. 

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“Fintel Connect’s affiliate partners share the same entrepreneurial spirit as Moves’ independent workers.”

– Alwin Wong, Growth Manager, Moves

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The partnership with Moves also allows Fintel Connect to offer a new product set to its growing network of publishers. Moves is the first financial platform specifically focused on the gig economy available via the Fintel Connect Network.

CEO of Fintel Connect, Nicky Senyard, remarks, “As a passionate entrepreneur myself, I understand the need to support our Canadian entrepreneurs so that their businesses can thrive. We’re thrilled to support Moves and their purpose to help independent workers achieve their financial goals.”

Moves’ products currently include personal loans with variable payback terms and interest-free ebike financing. The team at Moves welcomes publishers with Canadian audiences to join their affiliate program now.

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About Moves

Moves is a Toronto-based, financial technology company catered specifically towards independent “gig” workers. Due to the unique nature of gig work, it often leads to income volatility. As such, Moves is building trust amongst a community of independent workers and providing support as they navigate the unpredictability of the gig economy.

Their products are currently offered in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Without relying on outdated credit scores, its products get to know customers better over time and help them establish a new financial reputation.

Using innovative financial technology, Moves currently offers up to $2,500 in low-interest loans (with no early repayment fees) to independent workers that traditional banks and credit scores disqualify from financial services. By early 2021, Moves’ will be expanding to offer easy, pre-approved access to credit for gig workers in order to further support their financial objectives.


About Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect is a leading performance marketing company dedicated to serving the financial services and fintech space. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the team at Fintel Connect support a wide range of tier one banks, community banks and financial technology companies through its extensive network of publishers and fully scalable tracking and reporting technology.

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