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PolicyAdvisor Affiliate Program

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About PolicyAdvisor is transforming the way Canadians buy the financial protection they need by making insurance purchases simpler, transparent, and more human.

The team at PolicyAdvisor have built digital tools that help customers assess their insurance needs and within a matter of minutes. The product utilises multiple data sources to find the right policy match for each customer that visits their site. This allows PolicyAdvisor to offer the lowest rates available.

Currently, PolicyAdvisor offers life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance from 20 different Canadian life insurance companies.

About the PolicyAdvisor Affiliate Program

The PolicyAdvisor Affiliate Program offers a competitive CPA across all of product verticals, including:

  • life insurance
  • mortgage protection
  • critical illness insurance
  • disability insurance

If your audience includes new professionals, first-time homeowners, new parents, newlyweds and anyone reaching a key milestone in their lives, then this affiliate program is a good fit for you. In general, the core demographic target for this product includes Canadians aged 25-65.

Once approved to the program, you’ll have full support on how to best promote the PolicyAdvisor tool.

Affilitate Program Details

Product Category


Ideal Audience

first-time homeowners, newlyweds, new parents etc.

Geographical Area

Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba

Commission Rate*

Ask us about commission rates
Ask us about commission rates

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