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Moka Affiliate Program

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About Moka

Previously known as Mylo, Moka is Canada’s #1 savings and investing app that helps Canadians achieve their financial goals. The app makes it easy to grow your money because it automates saving and investing. Simply download the app, create a goal, link your bank, and you’re good to go!

How does it work? Moka rounds up your purchases and invests the spare change in a fully-managed diversified portfolio of Exchange-Traded Funds, according to your financial goals, time horizon, financial profile and risk tolerance. Set up a recurring deposit to put away more money, and open a Tax-free Savings Account and select Socially Responsible Investing to invest smarter. Plus, save more with our cashback Perks and the Moka Referral Program.

Moka has also recently launched Moka 360, a premium plan that discovers more money in your daily life. Moka 360 negotiates a better price for you monthly bills, optimizes your debt repayments, provides money-saving insight and personalized financial coaching, and doubles your cashback Perks from brands like Uber Eats and Apple Music.

About the Moka Affiliate Program

Moka is looking to partner with Canada’s most influential bloggers, personal finance websites and publishers to drive user acquisition growth in Canada. The easy-to-use Moka app is available on iOS and Android and is highly rated with many 5-star reviews.

Moka’s partnership model is built on a simple CPA structure which is triggered by a user’s completed sign-up within Moka’s app. Moka uses industry standard attribution models (30-day from click, 1 day from impression) and sends real-time conversion data to its partners.

On average, 1 out of every 6 users that clicks on a publisher link will result in a signup conversion, thanks to Moka’s frictionless onboarding, strong brand affinity and simple, transparent value proposition and pricing.

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Ask us about commission rates
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