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5 Tips to Get Approved as an Affiliate in 24 Hours or Less



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  • Last Updated: December 14, 2023

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In this article

Learn about our top tips for being approved as an affiliate!

You’re an affiliate on a mission. You’ve found a new affiliate program that is the perfect match for your website. You love the product and the affiliate support and you’re ready to get started. So what’s the hold up? When it comes time to approving an affiliate’s application from a network or an affiliate manager’s side, there are some key areas that will be scrutinized to ensure that fraudulent affiliates don’t seep in through the cracks.

Here are five tips to get approved as an affiliate in 24 hours or less:

Tip 1: Your Email Address

If you’re signing up to a new affiliate program with your Yahoo or Hotmail email, it sets off an immediate warning sign. Professional affiliates have professional email addresses that come from their site. So, if you’re an affiliate that promotes ink cartridges at, then your email address might be

Having a professional email won’t necessarily stop an affiliate manager from scrutinizing your application, but certainly, not having one might urge an affiliate manager to dig a little deeper to make sure you are legitimate.

Tip 2: Quality Content

Google constantly implements measures that attribute higher rankings to sites with original content, while taking away from sites with copied and scraped copy. This makes quality-written and original content more important than ever, and is fast becoming a leading reason for identifying good affiliates.

Now your copy may be fresh and provide value—but is it targeted to the affiliate program’s key audience? If your website is too broad and has too many focuses, it’s harder for the affiliate manager, and eventually the customer, to see the relevancy. Make sure your website truly makes for a good fit, and then the choice is easy

Tip 3: Quality Design

In terms of design,cleanliness is next to godliness. Clean, uncluttered pages with strong calls to action combined with attractive graphics that don’t make your site look like a banner farm are important to your success as an affiliate, and so is key criterion for affiliate managers to review.

Gone are the days when SEO is all that matters. Your site should rank well AND look its best. That means that if design is not your strong suit, it’s time to invest in some freelance design work. If you are comfortable doing web design, and are not sure about the quality of your design, ask a friend or colleague to give you some honest feedback. A lot of the time, good design has more to do with toning down, than adding, so take a fresh look at your site, and ask yourself what can go.

Tip 4: You’re Available

A lot of programs will want to have a quick conversation with you before they approve your affiliate application. Make sure you are giving them an actual telephone number, with an answering machine (that has a professional recording!) in case you’re not there. Most importantly, return the phone call—promptly. There’s no quicker way to say you’re not interested or can’t be depended on, than not returning a phone call.

Also, the best days to get approved as an affiliate are between Tuesday and Friday. This is because an affiliate manager is dealing with an influx of affiliate applications and queries that have come in over the weekend on a Monday. So when you do apply, try to aim for these days to increase your chances of getting a prompt response.

Tip 5: You Have a Plan

Affiliate managers are looking for quality results and targeted traffic that are brought in on a consistent basis. So what’s your plan for this? Tell the affiliate manager how you propose to promote and send traffic to the merchant. Whether you use SEO, paid search, email marketing, or what have you, showing a prospective program that you have a plan that has been devised specifically for their business shows that you have put some thought into your partnership.

Maybe you’ve worked with a similar program and had great results? Demonstrate your track record within a similar niche market—that will help you get approved as an affiliate in 24 hours or less.

Key Takeaway

Even with extensive preparation and knowledge, it’s good to remember that building partnerships can take time. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen right away. A good rule of thumb to remember is the more energy you put out, the more that will come back to you.

We hope that you’ve found this blog helpful. If you’re wanting to know more about how you can get your foot in the door with brands in the financial services space, we welcome you to get in touch with our team here. A Fintel team member will set up a call to learn more about your brand and explore partnership opportunities with you in more detail.

Happy marketing!

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