The Retirement Planning Group Affiliate Program

About The Retirement Planning Group

The Retirement Planning Group is an investment advisory firm dedicated to providing unbiased, client-centered advice. The business takes a team approach with its clients, to assist them in achieving their goals. In turn, customers can feel confident in the financial strategies set forth by their Financial Planner. 

Through The Retirement Planning Group’s platform, those seeking financial advice can book appointments with Financial Planners. Their service is ideal for individuals that are: 

  • Looking for help with a big event in their life (Retirement, job change, inheritanceetc.) 
  • Unsure about their current advisor and want a second opinion 
  • Questioning their investment strategy 
  • Feeling disorganized and would like to get a plan in place 

As a one-stop shop for financial and retirement planning needs, the group has been working with individuals and families for over 15 years, with over 1,200 families* trusting the business to guide them towards their ideal financial future. The Retirement Planning Group is redefining what retirement means for individuals and families so that they can do more than just retire.  

*As of 12/31/2019.

The Retirement Planning Group Affiliate Program

Product Categories Offered

Financial advising

Geographic Area


Program Terms and Conditions

Available at the Fintel Connect System


The Retirement Planning Group affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. Publishers will trigger a USD$15 CPA for every new customer that books a financial advisor appointment and an additional USD$125 CPA after the appointment is held. 

Customer benefit from a personalized, goal-oriented financial plan and an investment strategy that supplements their retirement income with a systemic view of the customer’s financial picture. 

If this sounds like something your audience might be interested in, apply to promote The Retirement Planning Group’s affiliate program now. 

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