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Quilo Affiliate Program

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About Quilo

Quilo is a lending origination and syndication network that works to empower financial institutions, fintechs, and other market participants to offer lending products to individuals and small businesses at lower credit concentration risk. The syndication network provides both credit liquidity and availability for fractional participation, which results in lower credit concentration risk at a point in loan underwriting. This allows Quilo to democratize access to reduced finance charge, giving customers the opportunity to get larger loans at significantly batter rates.

Quilo loans require no income verification, no fees, and offer pre-approval in minutes with no credit score impact. Having secured the loan, they follow a low fixed annual percentage rate which typically helps to save on finance and interest charges in comparison to most credit cards.

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About the Quilo Affiliate Program

The Quilo affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. Publishers will trigger a CPA for each loan taken out by a user, receiving a percentage of the total loan amount.

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Millenials and Gen-X, making at least $80,000 with good credit

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