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Affiliate or influencer in fintech? Look no further.

Expand your partnerships with the industry’s leading fintech, banks and credit unions – all in one place.
Grow your revenue and scale your affiliate performance through the only finance-focused partner marketing ecosystem. At Fintel Connect, we’re publisher first, which means having the best support, insights and access to set you up for success.

Just starting out? Get in touch with our team or check out our resources page to help you kickstart your affiliate journey in fintech.

publisher looking at cellphone with affiliate program dashboard in the background

You’re in Good Company

Accelerate your business growth

Look no further than Fintel Connect’s curated network of top-performing financial brands to scale your business and bring the right products to your audiences. Have the full support of our team of experts to bring you new opportunities, and a trusted platform that gives you the transparency you need to achieve top results.
Alysha Kanji
Alysha Kanji
Director of Strategic Partnerships

“Our team has been blown away by the level of customer service and overall results we’ve achieved with Fintel Connect. They provide unparalleled insight on how to optimize our affiliate channel and as a result, we are able to drive consistent awareness and growth of our products.”

Simon Wyse
Simon Wyse
VP Revenue

“Fintel Connect is a valuable partner on both sides of our growth model. Their platform and team have accelerated our user growth via their network of influencers and publishers as well as our revenue growth by connecting us with relevant financial partners.”

Armin Huska
Armin Huska
Global Head of Media & Agency Management

“The Fintel Connect team provides a unique and professional level of service for RBC’s Affiliate Marketing needs. The team is creating impactful programs that are infused by industry-specific insights, a strong understanding & passion for our business and powered by highly strategic thinking.”

Tap into the fastest growing database of financial brand partnerships

We aim to be the destination for financially focused influencers, affiliates and publishers to connect with leading brands in financial services.
  • Diverse database of financial brands and products
  • High-value offers for your audiences
  • New brands and products offered every day
affiliate program dashboard with woman looking up to the right

Access the data you need to scale your business

Transparency is key, which is why we’ve built a comprehensive tracking and reporting engine that gives you the data, insights and real-time analytics you need to make smart decisions and maximize campaign performance.
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Flexible APIs for data-driven optimization
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to measure partner performance
analytics dashboard and image of man in glasses

Have a team of experts behind you

Our publisher-first approach means we do what it takes to help you succeed, from high-touch support to timely payouts to strategic direction from our expert team. We’ve helped numerous finance bloggers and creators scale and grow their affiliate portfolios. With our network and in-house expertise, you can boost your creator profile and open up the doors for more partnership opportunities.
  • Strategic Direction and High-touch Support
  • Timely Payouts
  • Advocacy and New Opportunities
affiliate publisher looking at phone with program dashboard in the background

Nurturing partnerships of all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re a financial blogger just starting out, or work with a leading media outlet, our approach is always to deliver the best opportunities to help your businesses succeed. Fintel Connect provides all the tools you need to keep your financial partnerships and results growing. Let our best-in-class platform take your business to the next level.

Real-time analytics

Flexible, on-time payment options

Custom tracking parameters

Accessible APIs

Exciting customer and publisher offers

Tailored product feeds to help stay compliant



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Skyrocket your revenue growth

Access the best brands in financial services for free! Let our best-in-class platform help you take your affiliate portfolio to the next level. Join the best affiliate program for financial bloggers and content creators to partner with the top brands and innovators in financial services while accessing the transparency and data you need to drive results.
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