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About Properly

Properly is simplifying the process of buying or selling a home in Canada by offering Canada’s most accurate home valuation report – homeowners get a free assessment of their home’s value that is always up-to-date. For those looking to move, homeowners can sell their existing home directly to Properly, avoiding the hassles of listing, and can work with Properly to find and purchase their dream home. Properly was founded in 2018 and currently operates in Calgary and Ottawa, with expansion to Toronto and other cities planned in the coming months.

The ProperPrice Report is a free, data science-powered tool to predict a home’s value that has been tested on over 125,000+ sold homes and used by thousands of homeowners.

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About the Properly Affiliate Program

The Properly Affiliate Program offers members a competitive CPA for free home valuation reports – the ProperPrice™ Report. With a seamless user journey, it only takes consumers a couple of minutes to sign up and receive their free report. Approximately 25-30% of all clicks to the landing page complete the signup process.

As a product that focuses on making the buying and selling process easier, the Properly product is relevant to a range of verticals including but not limited to personal finance, real estate, mortgages, lifestyle and parenting. If you have any audience segments who are in the property market this is the program for you.


Affiliate Program Details

Product Category

Real estate

Geographic Area

Ottawa and Calgary

Ideal Audience

new and old homeowners that are looking to simplify the process of buying/selling houses

Commission Rate*

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