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Influencers are driving the future of affiliate marketing for financial brands

More banks & fintechs today are relying on influencers to find new customers via affiliate marketing (also known as “performance marketing”), where brands pay only for new customers delivered by influencer partners. But exactly how effective is this channel? 

This research paper is a must-read for financial marketers that partner with influencers for customer acquisition, and those that aren’t yet but are looking to get buy-in from executive stakeholders.

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Influencer Driving the Future of Affiliate Marketing

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With banks and financial institutions continuing to prioritize digital transformation, more are turning to affiliate partnerships with influencers to drive growth. This research paper surveyed senior marketers in financial services who’ll help you understand:

  1. How many are using influencers for affiliate marketing
  2. Technology obstacles that stand in the way of affiliate marketing
  3. The #1 barrier that’s hindering influencers from driving more customers to financial institutions.
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Discover how influencers have the potential to drive new customers to your financial institution

Influencer Driving the Future of Affiliate Marketing