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Is Debt Part of the “New Normal”? Interview with GreedyRates

GreedyRates Fintel Connect Interview on Canadian Spending Habits
March 11, 2021


Yvette Edsall

Yvette Edsall

Digital Marketing Manager


Millions of households continue to struggle with the financial impact of the pandemic, but is the rise of personal debt just part of the “new normal”? I sat down with Danit Ianovici, Head Editor of GreedyRates, to discuss their comprehensive study on Canadian spending habits in the past ten years. Danit explains how Canadians are dealing with the costs of living after unemployment hit an all-time high last year, and how they’re being more careful about where they put their money.

Interview Chapters
00:00 – Intro to GreedyRates study
00:32 – Key findings about Canadians spending habits
01:37 – Biggest change in consumer spending behaviour
03:40 – If debt is part of the “new normal”
05:55 – Outlook for the housing market
07:54 – Outlook for the travel industry
09:09 – What Canadians should expect for the future of spending

Read their full study: Canadian Spending Habits Over the Last Decade.





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