CST Spark Affiliate Program

About CST Spark

The founders of CST believed that all Canadians should have the freedom of choice and that meant having access to education after high school. Their first step was to create an education savings plan to help families overcome the financial barriers to education. Fast forward almost 60 years, and CST brings you CST Spark.

Utilizing years of experience from CST, CST Spark’s hero product is a smart, simple and flexible RESP for your family. Named the CST Bright Plan it is a scholarship RESP, which means you aren’t locked into contributions while having all of the earning benefits of a RESP.

CST Spark Affiliate Program

Product Categories Offered


Geographic Area

Canada, excluding Quebec

As part of the promotion of CST Spark and our product CST Bright Plan, we offer commissions on several actions across our website, these include: 

  • Book a Free Consultation – $30 CPA 
  • Mini Application – $30 CPA 
  • Spark Their Potential Contest – $30 CPA 
  • App Start – $40 CPA 

We are here to support you promote CST Spark in the most authentically ‘you’ way. You’ll have access to our brand logos and static and animated banners to help you tell our story. And if you see a page on CST Spark that you think will work well for your strategy? We’ll send you a tracking link for you to use. Do you want a customized landing page with your name and photo on it? No problem. We can create a customized registration page for you so the users coming from your website will remember your name. We want to equip you with the adequate tools to help as many Canadians as possible save for their children’s education. 

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