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About Credit Verify

Credit Verify is a consumer-facing credit report product that focuses on helping those who are most in need of credit education and are looking for the best product to rebuild their credit. Members get access to detailed credit tracking reports, education on how to interpret this information, numerous ways to improve their credit profile, and vigilant identity theft protection.

Moreover, Credit Verify doesn’t focus on cross-selling products within their service, so customers can focus on rebuilding. They target consumers who are applying for credit by partnering with hand-selected direct affiliates across loans, debt, credit cards, auto, mortgage, and personal.

Credit Verify is owned by Credique LLC.

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About the Credit Verify Affiliate Program

Members of the Credit Verify Affiliate Program have the benefit of being part of a highly customized program with access to bespoke creatives and affiliate links. These creatives can be designed specifically for your website to create a visually cohesive user journey. Credit Verify marketing has been proven across the US, UK and Canadian markets spanning 12 years of business, with click-to-conversions surpassing other available products. Top partners generate 100s of customer sign-ups per day.

Credit Verify pays a competitive CPA for every customer that signs up to a seven day trial. This creates a brand new revenue stream for publishers looking to diversify offers to their audiences, all while providing a valuable product to end consumers. Win-win! Payouts range from $12-$20.00 depending on the vertical.

Affiliate Program Details

Product Category

Credit card

Geographic Area


Ideal Audience

young individuals that want to build and/or monitor their credit progress

Commission Rate*

depending on the vertical

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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