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ChangED Affiliate Program

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About ChangED

The ChangEd App helps Student Loan borrowers eliminate their student loans sooner and can help save thousands in potential interest costs. ChangEd does this by giving borrowers the ability to link all of their student loans in one easy to use app and then builds an effective repayment strategy based on their debt and spending habits. Once accounts are securely linked, ChangEd helps save in small increments and applies those savings toward your debt automatically helping borrowers pay off their debt and save.

Product Highlights

  • Appeared on ABC Shark Tank and landed a 250K investment from Mark Cuban
  • Direct relationships with lenders for fast and verified loan payments
  • Users can use features such as roundups and intelligent transfers that fit budgets
  • Has helped borrowers pay ahead an additional 15M in student loan payments
  • Average borrower saves 4-5 year and 30% lest cost in interest ($3K+ average)

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About the ChangED Affiliate Program

The ChangED affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. Publishers will trigger a $20 CPA per first user transfer. Transfers are tracked up to 7 days if the app isn’t opened after download, and 90 days if it is open.

Customer benefits include an automated repayment strategy that aligns with users goals, budget and debt.

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Affiliate Program Details

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Ideal Audience

Students and graduates who want to pay off loans quicker

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Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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