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Zeta Affiliate Program

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About Zeta

Zeta is a financial institution focused on helping families thrive. Their flagship product is the Zeta Joint Account, a modern-day joint account that helps people bank together effortlessly. In addition to smart tools and automation that help couples better manage their shared finances, Zeta also produces content (The Money Date) to support couples as they navigate key conversations and financial milestones in their lives.

Zeta launched in order to support the current generation of couples & families in their shared money journeys, as they operate differently compared to previous generations. Who’s earning money, how they’re earning it, and how they’re sharing it has completely shifted from our parents’ generation to ours. Even the nature of money itself has become more social and collaborative with the rise of third-party and P2P payment apps.

About the Zeta Affiliate Program

The Zeta affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model. For more information, reach out to our team to learn more.

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Affilitate Program Details

Product Category

Bank account

Ideal Audience

Couples aged 25-45 looking for a joint bank account

Geographical Area


Commission Rate*

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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