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PennyWorks Affiliate Program

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About PennyWorks

PennyWorks is an investment platform that seeks to transform traditional financial products using digital asset strategies that are designed to preserve capital and generate yield. They aim to tame the turbulence of investing with a secure and stable experience.
Members of PennyWorks can invest in the PennyWorks Notes, One-day Automatically Renewing Notes that pay daily interest and have no lock-up periods or fees. The Notes are as liquid as money funds, but with higher yields. Due to the high liquid nature and 24/7 global trading of these digital assets, the collateral backing the loan can be liquidated before the threat of default occurs, a significant advantage over traditional assets.
Members will also receive regular insights on market moving events from the executive team, along with exclusive access to “Ask Penny” questions on any economic, finance, or crypto topic which will be answered by the executive team.

About the PennyWorks Affiliate Program

The PennyWorks affiliate program works on a cost per acquisition, CPA, format. The CPA offered is $200 USD for each customer that successfully creates an account, completes a KYC (know your customer), and submits valid proof of accredited investor status.
This program is ideal for affiliates with an audience of accredited investors, based in the US.

Affilitate Program Details

Product Category


Ideal Audience

Users with high net worth and accredited investors who are residents of the US

Geographical Area


Commission Rate*

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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