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Cheese Affiliate Program

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About Cheese

Cheese Financial Inc., based in California, is a fintech company that is dedicated to helping people build credit and grow savings with simple and automated solutions. They believe that the chances of getting a great credit score and achieving life goals belong to everyone!

The Cheese Credit Builder is an installment loan that can help customers build credit and save money. By reporting on one-time repayments to all three credit bureaus, Cheese will help customers establish positive payment history, which makes up 35% of their credit score. They provide flexible payment options with loan amounts ranging from $500, $1,000 and $2,000, and terms of 12 or 24 months. At the end of the loan term, customers can get their paid off principal back, minus the interest.

Interest rate and terms may vary based on states.

About the Cheese Affiliate Program

The Cheese’s affiliate program operates on a cost per acquisition (CPA) model of $35 USD per new Cheese Credit Card Builder account. 

If this sounds like a financial product that would be of interest to your audience, apply to promote Cheese’s affiliate program now.

Affilitate Program Details

Product Category


Ideal Audience

People ages 25-40 who have some basic knowledge of credit score

Geographical Area


Commission Rate*

Terms & conditions apply. Ask us for details.

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