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Brand Guidelines

We’d love for you to mention our brand, and ask that you use the following guidelines.


This logo is to be used for all print and digital collateral. Always consider using the Primary Logo before other variations. If the logo does not work, then you may consider the variations. If you require EPS formatted files, please contact us.

Primary Logo

Make sure to only use the Primary Logo on white or neutral coloured backgrounds. If the logo is to be placed on an image, then make sure that it is on a lighter section.

Secondary Logo

This logo should be the next consideration when you can’t use the Primary Logo. It should be used on Fintel Connect’s Navy or on busier backgrounds with darker accents.


It’s our logo stripped of its wordmark. Use it only when and where space is limited.

Optional Logos

These optional logos should be used in situations where one colour variants are needed.

Monotone Black

The mono logos should be used only when third parties ask for them.

Monotone White

Orange Background

Use the logo with the orange background sparingly.

Spacing rules

Always leave space around the logo. Follow the guidelines below for spacing directions. The size ratio of the logo mark and the logo text should always remain the same.


The Fintel Connect brand values white space and a professional look and feel. 

Primary Colour

Orange should be used as an accent colour and never in block colours.

RGB 247, 141, 45
CMYK 0, 54, 93, 0
PMS 715 C

Secondary Colour

Navy is to be used to add contrast to a white background and can be used in Headlines and Callouts.

HEX #253746
RGB 49, 61, 72
CMYK 87, 75, 62, 32
PMS 7546 C


RGB 255, 255, 255
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0


HEX #231F20
RGB 35, 31, 32
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 90
PMS Black C


Gotham Bold

Use Gotham Bold across all digital and print collateral.


The Body Copy font should always be sentence case. Lato Black should be used for Titles within the Body Copy.