Why You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing Today

affiliate marketing
May 21, 2021


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For those unsure about whether affiliate marketing is right for you, we’ve put together five reasons why you should start affiliate marketing right now! Read on to learn where your time is best spent.


Affiliate marketing is a model that bloggers and influencers use to earn revenue. It means getting paid a commission or referral fee by brands for products they’re promoting – and it is lucrative. If you’re not leveraging this tactic on your website, you’re missing out.

The concept of influencer marketing has been around for decades, and affiliate marketing has become a more accessible model ushered in by the digital era.

1. Your Earning Potential is Unlimited

Not many affiliate programs have a cap on earning because brands only pay for the results they get. This makes this type of marketing a win/win for both the brand and the affiliate. If you generate enough traffic that converts across multiple programs, your earning power can skyrocket.

2. You Stay in Control 

With the affiliate marketing model, you have the flexibility to choose the products you wish to partner with and in what capacity. Because it is a channel based on partnerships, you have the flexibility to work with a brand that aligns with your values and with the tactics you wish to use.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate networks are free to join and you should never have to pay to promote a product. Because of this, affiliate marketing is easily accessible. You can add links or an additional snippet to existing content to monetize work that has already been done, for instance.  You can remove links if you don’t have the space to commit to new promotional content in a given week too. Also, if you no longer want to promote a product for whatever reason, you can remove all links. Taking out the time you spend on content creation, affiliate marketing partnerships shouldn’t cost you a dime.

4. It’s Growing in Popularity

No one likes to be left behind and this is no exception! Affiliate marketing is something you don’t want to be late for because you’ll have more competition later on. If you start with partnerships now, you’ll be able to establish yourself online and with brands, so you stay ahead of the curve. It may also mean that you could get better deals and more opportunity with brands as you show your worth to them early on.

5. It’s Not Hard to Do 

We’re not saying that affiliate marketing is a walk in the park, but because of the above, it’s not overly complicated to do. If you have a defined niche and commit time to your site each day, it is manageable. We recommend trying some basic SEO tactics, posting high-quality content regularly and trialling out a few placements or tactics to find out what your magic formula is.

Next Steps

For more information on how you can start affiliate marketing, read our How-To guide, 4 Easy Steps to Becoming an Affiliate. It’s full of useful tips on how you get going and monetize your site.

We hope that you’ve found this blog helpful and that you’re ready to get started.

If you’re interested in working with financially-focused brands, we can certainly help and welcome you to sign up for our network by clicking here!



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